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Forum: General Discussion Yesterday, 05:37 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Where's Magenta?

Madge, I get where you're coming from. I recently left a band I had been in for 10 years and a mate and I started another. It all went very slowly at first. I had been playing the same stuff for...
Forum: Drums 01-30-2015, 01:38 AM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Why no love for Vintage Premier?

Not sure that the snares are available. Puresound used to produce compatible snares, but they seem to be discontinued. Try Nick Hopkins Drums in the UK http://www.nickhopkindrums.com/, they may be...
Forum: Drums 01-30-2015, 01:32 AM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: If you could build you DREAM KIT, what would it be/include? (Shells, cymbals, hardware, etc.)

I don't have a dream kit. I have all of the drums and cymbals that I will ever need ( although this probably won't stop me buying more to be fair). What I really want is a roadie to move my gear, set...
Forum: Drums 01-30-2015, 01:29 AM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: The Bo Eder Pearl Vision Signature kit ;)

The mere fact that these drums may save your reference pure's from running around uncased in the back of the pick up is all I need to convince me that this kit. aesthetic isues aside, is well worth...
Forum: Drums 01-30-2015, 01:20 AM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: What drum set is this?

It looks pretty generic to me. I'm guessing that if it is a Pearl, that the hardware will be marked somewhere. Have you tried taking a lug off and looking inside?
Forum: General Discussion 01-28-2015, 06:28 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Is it OK to talk about the movie "Whiplash" yet?

Indeed, I can agree, but it annoys me in the same way as lip syncing does. If you know what you're looking at it's so obvious.

And as a movie it's simply average and rather unbelievable!
Forum: General Discussion 01-26-2015, 11:59 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: something about this just doesn't seem right

They sit in between the cheetos and the shotguns...
Forum: General Discussion 01-26-2015, 05:07 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Is it OK to talk about the movie "Whiplash" yet?

I think he played for the filming- that's in all of the blurb about the film, but if he actually played any of it (the sound I mean), I'll eat my snare drum!

They seem to have purposely not said...
Forum: General Discussion 01-26-2015, 05:00 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: What's your latest purchase?

Picked up a Yamaha DTX Multi 12 and mounting hardware to add to my acoustic setup so I can play/programme the intro to Uptown Funk (and other things obviously)
Forum: General Discussion 01-22-2015, 03:11 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Warning - Hidden dangers of drum building.

All these drums and a botany lesson too. David Bellamy would be proud...
Forum: General Discussion 01-22-2015, 03:07 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Peter Erskine moves to Tama...

Stop press- Piano Black Pearl Reference Pure drum kit for sale.... ;0)
Forum: General Discussion 01-14-2015, 02:56 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: The official, "Your services are no longer required" thread

Do I understand you correctly Bo? My take on what you have written is that you will now spend all of your time engineering rather than splitting your time between this and playing? You still have...
Forum: Drums 01-13-2015, 02:59 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Mapex Mars vs Armory - worth the higher price?

I played a Mars kit at a local rehersal room last week. Looked good and sounded fine, even with the original Remo UT's on. Hardware was pretty solid too!
Forum: Drums 01-11-2015, 04:19 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Mapex Saturn Pro?

Saturn Pro were a 90's line. Depending on when they were built they either have the older high tension lugs or the more modern Saturn lugs, like those on the pre Saturn 4 kits. usually all maple...
Forum: General Discussion 01-11-2015, 03:41 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Meytal Cohen? She plays, right?

This girl can really play, and she has clothes on and doesn't smile much!
Forum: General Discussion 01-10-2015, 07:20 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Phil Collins Back In Action

He got his touring band together in Miami a couple of months ago to see if he could cut it- the upshot, from his own lips, was that he couldn't. He stated that he can't really play anymore and when...
Forum: Drums 01-08-2015, 03:45 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Which Peace model is this....?

The finish, black hardware, badges and tom holder point to it being a DNA kit, but those do look like paragon lugs. The shells are likely to be maple as the DNA and Paragon were both maple. The...
Forum: General Discussion 01-07-2015, 03:15 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Carmine Appice Lobbies For Led Zeppelin Drum Spot

If I was him I'd sit back and count my money....
Forum: General Discussion 01-07-2015, 03:08 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Meytal Cohen? She plays, right?

There was a Carpenters at the BBC programme on BBC 4 last week- Lots of behind the kit live action going on there. It's probably still on iplayer.

For you Bo, lots of girl on concert tom action in...
Forum: General Discussion 12-22-2014, 02:47 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: I know - this is a real first world problem.

Its easy, just have one drumset and use it for everything. No choices, no dilemmas, nothing.

Except if you have my one kit you have 4 rack toms and 3 floor toms and 4 snares to choose from as...
Forum: General Discussion 12-19-2014, 03:46 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Do Youtube Drum Covers Influence What/How You Play?

+1. They can't influence me- I'm unique! Thats what my wife says anyhow....
Forum: General Discussion 12-18-2014, 11:26 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: So you're going to a band audition...

Its just a shame you are so far away Mary, I'd happily play with you. Cincinnati is a bit of a commute from Scotland though!
Forum: General Discussion 12-15-2014, 12:08 PM
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Posted By bigiainw

Me too, Phil was the reason I started to play at all. Vivid was the record that really made the biggest lasting impression on me though. Will Calhoun is the man.

And of course, anything by the...
Forum: General Discussion 12-15-2014, 12:03 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Band at the wrong gig. Full report - videos & photo's

All 3 tracks sound great- not sure at all about the stiffness you mention, it was all good to my ears. A nice Siouxsie/Joy Division kinda vibe but with a rockier edge. Oh, and really nice playing as...
Forum: General Discussion 12-07-2014, 02:14 PM
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Posted By bigiainw
Re: Giving bandmates rides to gigs!

Speak to him and get it sorted out. I've been in the same position many times and if you don't say something early on, then you'll end up resenting him for what is essentially your inability to act.
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