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Forum: General Discussion Yesterday, 04:48 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: Totally lost

"I have no confidence anymore and what goals I had seem so far out of touch, they seem impossible. The only thoughts that go thru my mind now are negative, “why am I still even doing this to myself?”...
Forum: General Discussion 12-13-2014, 03:16 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: The being fired or quitting thread

"Then you have the nerve to tell me you think that as a drummer I'm not fit...Well, this is just a little Peyton Place and you're all Harper Valley hypocrites" (With apologies to Harper Valley...
Forum: General Discussion 11-26-2014, 03:30 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: Doomsday scenario

"If for some terrible reason Drummerworld became impossible to come back online, how would we communicate...?

We'd have to go back to the ways of the ancients.
Forum: General Discussion 11-17-2014, 04:34 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: Possibly my first serious thread. Sexism.

Did anybody catch this? "Chicken"...Not very PC and could easily be misconstrued.( ?) and "I don't give a cats arse who I offend, given that I don't set out to offend anybody." As if that makes it ok...
Forum: General Discussion 11-14-2014, 01:53 PM
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Posted By Skyking
Forum: General Discussion 11-14-2014, 04:13 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: so my band wants to do top 40s...

Last year I left my hobby band because "our leader" was going "country" and I wanted to stay with "rock". I could have handled the country music had we been having fun and getting regular gigs, but...
Forum: General Discussion 11-14-2014, 03:24 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: Taking drums to Guitar Center for cash

Good one James, you got me laughing hard!!!! Your picture truly is worth a thousand words.
Forum: General Discussion 10-20-2014, 03:40 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: screwed up my first gig

Dwforever posted this a while back and it reminded me of your experience .

Hey guys, who has any embarrassing gig stories? I need some to make me feel better, because something awful happened to...
Forum: General Discussion 10-16-2014, 08:42 PM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: Website Issue

Thanks Bernhard, we owe you one! Anyone...
Forum: General Discussion 10-13-2014, 04:21 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: Website Issue

What the.......I still can't use my back button????
Forum: Drums 10-06-2014, 05:43 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: New Kit DW Performance

Between my EMAD and PS3 I like the PS3 more. More boom (depth and punch) for the buck. Speaking of the bucks $$$, how does your DW compare with the Yamaha on sound? I know heads and tuning make it an...
Forum: General Discussion 10-06-2014, 05:10 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: Website Issue

And so it began.....
Forum: General Discussion 10-06-2014, 04:39 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: Website Issue

I'm having the same problem. Tried a reboot but no luck. My big blue back button is inop?
Forum: General Discussion 07-10-2014, 03:40 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: Favorite Song to Rock out To?

From one of the best rock drummers ever (and I am so unworthy of attempting to play along with this but) ...Santana's Soul Sacrifice from 1969's "Woodstock" Live. When I hear it I go all animal.
Forum: General Discussion 06-28-2014, 01:00 PM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: Paiste 2002, B8 but why do they sound so good?

A possible reason why is that there are so many of them sitting around out there and pricing power is diminished. Although IMO they change slightly (not for the better or worse, just change) they 're...
Forum: General Discussion 06-08-2014, 05:40 AM
Replies: 69
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Posted By Skyking
Re: Do you feel sorry for today's kids?

Not looking for an argument but I agree with coolnames. My daughter makes me CD's of "todays" music every father's day. IMO her stuff (today's stuff) is nowhere close to the awesome 60's and 70's...
Forum: General Discussion 04-05-2014, 05:14 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: What Haven't You Played Yet but Really Want To?

I wanna play Ringo's Ludwigs, 1963 ish? I want to slosh on his high hats and ride "his" ride whatever it was. (Not too much to ask, is it?) Next, give em up Dave... I wanna play your red sparkled...
Forum: Drums 03-16-2014, 05:25 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: Musikmesse 2014

I could look at drum sets like some women look at beautiful jewelry :) Thanks for posting them.
Forum: General Discussion 03-15-2014, 04:28 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: My humble take on good drummers and OK drummers

Well if he is trolling it looks like somebody took the bait, hook line and sinker! " MAN-O-MAN, WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?" It's not like he insulted Ringo. (LOL) Angry ones... that's just a...
Forum: General Discussion 02-28-2014, 01:43 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: stick in the eye anyone? not for the meek!

"Anyone else get hurt playing?" ...Just my pride when I dropped my stick while playing "Wipeout". (Sorry for your pain.)
Forum: General Discussion 02-20-2014, 03:41 AM
Replies: 751
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Posted By Skyking
Re: Unpopular Drumming Opinion Thread


Tuning differences aside “most” snare drums sound about the same to me.(GASP!)

Tuning and head differences aside, expensive drum sets do not sound better to me. (WTF,...
Forum: General Discussion 02-12-2014, 03:54 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: The BeaTles

Skyking to SquadLeader..."Please lower your shields."

My friend, no trolling here. Of course you have the right to your opinion. But perhaps you might at least consider what I and others have...
Forum: General Discussion 02-12-2014, 02:51 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: Should I start out with electronic drums?

After restarting my career with an E kit as a hobby drummer I think an e kit is a great idea especially if noise is a factor and you can afford it. But if I were to do it again I'd start with an...
Forum: General Discussion 02-11-2014, 04:05 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: The BeaTles

Where to begin, ah yes, any and all Beatles haters...please take a chill pill. The "Really Big Show" was a celebration of "THE" most influential group in rock history. I think it was entertaining...
Forum: General Discussion 01-29-2014, 03:45 AM
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Posted By Skyking
Re: "Nobody cares about the drummer, except for the Rush guy."

I went to see the Musical "Rock of Ages" a couple of days ago. The set was staged to look like an old 80's Rock Club on the Sunset strip. The bandstand held 3-4 Guitar playing guitards but incredibly...
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