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Forum: General Discussion 03-20-2015, 05:31 AM
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Where Do You Fit? - Poll

I've been a #3 since 1989 and "graduated" to #2 around 2008. Our band is on a big upswing now and we're having a lot of fun. It affords me creative, financial, and emotional freedom.

If a #1...
Forum: Drums 03-16-2015, 04:37 AM
Replies: 32
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Mapex Saturn lV - drum nirvana??

I have the previous edition Saturns in the 6-pc Studioease configuration as well. For the overall durability, sound, lacquered finishes, and price point, they are probably the best value on the...
Forum: General Discussion 02-27-2015, 08:41 PM
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

I have been renovating my music room at home and decided to consolidate some of my electronic gear and other drum hardware. Nothing has been gigged out and only used in my smoke-free home. I am the...
Forum: Drummers 08-28-2014, 05:46 PM
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Anika Nilles

She is a great drummer, and tasteful at it too.

I think if I had a make-out session with Anika and then Emmanuelle Caplette, that I could die a happy drummer LOL.
Forum: General Discussion 08-28-2014, 05:13 PM
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Spousal Static - A mini Rant

Amen to this! I'm of the same mentality.
Forum: General Discussion 08-14-2014, 07:16 PM
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Tuning toms to octaves

I do a very similar thing and also works out to be where my toms sing the best.
10 and 14" and kick - D
12" and 16" - G or A
Snare = G#
Forum: General Discussion 08-14-2014, 05:08 AM
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

You're in luck, I have a near-excellent 18" HHX Studio Crash I'm trying to sell. All aspects you listed it fits the bill. I'll PM you.
Forum: General Discussion 07-21-2014, 06:24 PM
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Is Dennis Chambers ill?

I know, right? The man's got raw natural talent indeed. I try to practice/mimic some of his stuff and my limbs are like "I can't do that yet" lol.

Love you Dennis, see you again!
Forum: General Discussion 07-08-2014, 04:05 AM
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Favorite Song to Rock out To?

Yea, if you mean all-out, sweat-inducing, heart-pumping songs to immediately drum to (including air drumming!) then it would have to be some of these:

Deftones - Swerve City
Pearl Jam - Blood...
Forum: General Discussion 06-18-2014, 08:22 PM
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

Doing some "summer cleaning" at the house and I have some drum gear that is not being used anymore. PM me for price, pics, etc and we can work out a deal. Will ship anywhere in the US and Canada for...
Forum: General Discussion 06-18-2014, 03:25 AM
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Thoughs on Mapex?

I have a 4-year old Saturn kit (Maple/Walnut) that I gig with 2-3x a week. As others have said, it is a pretty good bang for the buck. The lacquer finish is durable and amazing looking, shines up...
Forum: General Discussion 05-07-2014, 06:10 AM
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Do you play the drum part exactly the same each night?

This is exactly how I play as well for my covers band. The only thing I have free reign to improvise on is a 3-4 minute drum solo in our Led Zeppelin medley (in Bonzo fashion of course!).
Forum: General Discussion 05-07-2014, 06:04 AM
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Business cards.

I use Moo.com as well. Fantastic product and the card stock is primo.

My cards have bright-colored backs on them to stand out from the sea of white and black cards. The front has a small logo...
Forum: General Discussion 04-22-2014, 02:24 AM
Replies: 32
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: How Does Your Bass Drum Sit?

Yup, same here!

Forum: Drummers 04-22-2014, 02:22 AM
Replies: 353
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Phil Maturano here!

Phil, that is AWESOME. I've always been intrigued with Indian drumming.. I actually sometimes go to my Tabla kit on my Vdrums and just jam out.. I'll think about this opportunity :-) Is this a...
Forum: General Discussion 04-20-2014, 09:38 PM
Replies: 31
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Is Vic Firth's New Lacquer Bothering Your Hands?

I think it depends on the model.. I just bought few Dave Weckl signature Evolutions (the orange-y ones) and they feel tackier.. however in the same sale I got a Erskine Ride Stick and felt no...
Forum: Drums 04-02-2014, 05:48 AM
Replies: 61
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Sonor Players Kit from Sam Ash

Cool little thing, I am happy about the drum sizes they chose. The finish looks good and everything looks well-constructed.

I do a VERY similar setup with my gigging kit, except I have a 20x17.5...
Forum: Drums 03-29-2014, 12:16 AM
Replies: 4
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: tama slp power maple snare

I was interested in this snare too, vs their other SLP the Limited Edition Birch/Bubinga 14x7"
Forum: General Discussion 03-25-2014, 06:04 AM
Replies: 21
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Any Suggestions for Ear Plug Filter Strength?

I have the custom molded clear Westone's and my audiologist gave me a choice of filters to get along with them. I believe I have the 25dB filter and 33dB (full stopper). I've never had an issue with...
Forum: General Discussion 03-22-2014, 08:57 AM
Replies: 2
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Thought on Sabian B8 Pro Aero Crash

I'm with you. I actually think the B8 Pro Aero Crash sounds a heck of a lot better than the AAX version. I would like to get a 20" version like you too. If you ever come across the SKU # they give...
Forum: Drummers 03-20-2014, 06:01 AM
Replies: 776
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Todd, your studio/live sound, coupled with your gear breakdown in your DVDs, has persuaded me to plunk down some coin for an Audix DP5a mic pack.. I look forward to getting it in a few days!

Forum: General Discussion 10-14-2013, 07:25 PM
Replies: 19
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: My day with Dave Weckl (large photo warning)

I really like Dave, and he too is my Top 5 drumming/music inspirations ever.

I get Weckl News/updates to my email every so often and saw his current tour lineup for the drumming intensives.....
Forum: General Discussion 10-09-2013, 02:32 AM
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

Got a few items for sale, doing some gear consolidation at the house.

Roland TD-4-KP portable kit - complete setup with the original box, manual, everything. Bought it brand new in April this...
Forum: General Discussion 10-08-2013, 05:02 AM
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: Just can't sell my snares.

The only snare I ever sold was my 14x5.5 Mapex Saturn walnut/maple snare.. it came with the 6-pc kit I bought new a few years ago and I never really like the response out of it. A beautiful looking...
Forum: General Discussion 10-02-2013, 01:46 AM
Replies: 26
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Posted By Trip McNealy
Re: So it's my turn to have a band quandry..

I've thought about moving away to the other coast, or Nashville, or "hotter" music scenes but with certain obligations in my life not to mention a really nice run so far with Band C, I'll stick it...
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