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Forum: Drum Technique 08-27-2014, 10:33 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: how to use Stick Control

Play pages 5-8 with varying foot patterns, including samba bass drum pattern, left foot clave (rumba and son), all off beats in the feet, triplets against eighth notes in the hands, etc. then swap...
Forum: Drum Technique 08-27-2014, 10:30 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: I'm up to my butt in grooves.

Give that teacher a pat on the back. People get hired because they can keep time and play many styles, not because they can play a solo that no one wants to hear.
Forum: Drum Technique 08-27-2014, 10:29 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: Brush comping question

Mostly fit around the comp pattern, but it really depends. I don't expect most players will find any time in a left hand brush pattern from more than 2 feet from the drum, so I doubt it really...
Forum: General Discussion 08-25-2014, 11:20 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: When the Drummer Dies, the Drum Dies Too

In some cultures, the drums themselves are sacred and the players are merely keepers of that sanctity in their playing.
Forum: General Discussion 08-25-2014, 09:46 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: I've Got Blisters on my Fingers!

Blisters result from holding onto the sticks too tightly.

Relax and get some advice on your grip from a teacher.
Forum: General Discussion 08-25-2014, 04:04 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: anybody know whats going on with Vaughncraft?

Saw them at PASIC, so they're probably still around.
Forum: Drum Technique 08-25-2014, 02:58 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: Jazz ride pattern - looking for good advanced technique videos on YouTube

Try this: play the following pattern with your right hand on the ride cymbal, left hand on snare (or vice versa, if you play left-handed).


Play it slow and make sure you...
Forum: Drum Technique 08-22-2014, 01:08 AM
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Posted By vxla
Re: Playing Hihat through breaks

If there's a vocalist singing, don't play (ever) in a break.

If the time is falling apart, play it. If not necessary, don't play it.
Forum: Drum Technique 08-22-2014, 01:06 AM
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Posted By vxla

Interesting. Definitely fusion, not sure about Latin though.

Good job.
Forum: General Discussion 08-19-2014, 03:14 AM
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Posted By vxla
Re: Auditioning for a New Orleans jazz/funk/etc. band

Probably looking for a solid source of time. Leave your ego at the door, along with solos.
Forum: General Discussion 08-15-2014, 01:25 AM
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Posted By vxla
Re: Tuning toms to octaves

In fact, any sounded pitch does have an octave at the 2nd harmonic, as well as 16v a at the 4th harmonic, etc.
Forum: General Discussion 08-03-2014, 07:30 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: Summer musical 2014: Bat Boy!

Good show. I just did a run of "In The Heights"; that set-up was massive.
Forum: General Discussion 08-01-2014, 01:45 AM
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Posted By vxla
Re: playing along with stuff

ear buds plugged into an iPhone. If you can't hear it, practice some control and quit hitting things so hard.
Forum: General Discussion 07-18-2014, 06:13 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

Anyone have a yamaha cascara wedge they don't need? Need one ASAP if possible, and they're not avail anymore.

pm me if you can help!
Forum: Drum Technique 06-17-2014, 09:46 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: Fulcrums and gaps and buzzes, oh my...

I see no reason to change my fulcrum from pianissimo to fortissimo, but I came up through orchestral playing where everything is methodically practiced ad nauseum.

That may work for you, but...
Forum: Drum Technique 06-17-2014, 01:02 AM
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Posted By vxla
Re: My Practice Routine--AKA I have no life......

25 hours a week isn't too bad; I'd say that's a good number to keep up chops, but it depends on what level you're striving for. I've been putting in ~ 30 hours a week with one day off every 2 weeks...
Forum: General Discussion 06-17-2014, 12:57 AM
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Posted By vxla
Re: Cajon fatigue?


No fatigue when playing them between the legs.
Forum: Drum Technique 06-13-2014, 11:40 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: Tommy Igoe's Great Hands For a Lifetime DVD

Kinda depends on the teacher and their level. I've been with all types of teachers (as a student) and taught various ways; sometimes, depending on the student, having them directly copy what I do...
Forum: General Discussion 06-13-2014, 03:46 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: Session work gear must haves?

No amount of gear beats chops.
Forum: Drum Technique 06-10-2014, 11:44 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: Counting/feeling uptempo jazz

Probably just work on your up-tempo ride. The tunes you listed in the first post aren't really that fast, but then again, I count them in cut time.

Remember, your bass player wants to hear the hi...
Forum: Drum Technique 06-10-2014, 07:30 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: Counting/feeling uptempo jazz

Fast brush work isn't so bad, try Philly Jo Jones' "Tense" stroke. Here's Mel Brown showing it off:

Mel Brown - Philly Jo Jones' "Tense" Stroke...
Forum: Drum Technique 06-10-2014, 07:21 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: Tommy Igoe: Groove Essentials

Great book, and the play along is quite helpful. Work through it all nice and slow and get everything down....it's gold.
Forum: General Discussion 06-10-2014, 07:17 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: Do you feel sorry for today's kids?

As far as musical abilities go: there are some amazing musicians out there now, and percussion is taken as a serious track in educational institutions. Great to see the younger generation working in...
Forum: General Discussion 06-10-2014, 07:02 PM
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Posted By vxla
Re: Can music ever be financially rewarding again?

If you get into music thinking it will be financially rewarding, it's your own fault for being disappointed. The writing has been on the wall for decades; do it because you love it, and make money...
Forum: General Discussion 06-09-2014, 11:34 PM
Replies: 29
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Posted By vxla
Re: The best reasons to become a drummer?

Best reason: because you're two steps above a guitarist.
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