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Forum: Drums 03-07-2015, 10:54 PM
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Posted By Artstar
Re: DW Fans testers users, questions for you

What is this new Mastersound series Sundogs.. ?? I am very interested in these.
Forum: Drums 03-06-2015, 07:22 AM
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Posted By Artstar
Re: My Ludwig Classic Maples finally arrived!

Very very nice Juice !

The Ludwig Cherry and Mahogany Stains are two of the best finishes I have seen anywhere !
Forum: Drums 03-02-2015, 01:36 AM
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Posted By Artstar
Re: Gretsch Round Badge video

That floor tom is awesome !
Forum: Drums 02-16-2015, 12:12 AM
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Posted By Artstar
Re: in the market for a new kit...

Ah.. Ok. That would definitely piss me off.

Drum Center NH. http://www.drumcenternh.com/

Drums On Sale. http://www.drumsonsale.com/
Forum: Drums 02-16-2015, 12:04 AM
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Posted By Artstar
Re: in the market for a new kit...

What about Rupps Drums in your city ?
Forum: Drums 02-11-2015, 10:49 PM
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Posted By Artstar
Re: Kickport, does it really make a difference??

See guys... Sometimes KIS is a cool-azz mutha ! lol

These things look ridiculous with that huge label on the plastic.

If you know how to tune a full head with no hole.. ...
Forum: Drums 02-10-2015, 09:15 PM
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Posted By Artstar
Re: New Pearl mcx inside joints uneven?

These are one of the most underrated....... overlooked IMO.
Forum: Drums 02-10-2015, 08:46 PM
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Posted By Artstar
Forum: Drums 01-29-2015, 09:40 PM
Replies: 65
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Posted By Artstar
Re: That Erskine kit at NAMM

Pfffff.. ??? No it's not.
Forum: General Discussion 01-22-2015, 07:16 AM
Replies: 67
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Posted By Artstar
Re: Peter Erskine moves to Tama...

Where are you seeing 10k Guten ? I come up with a List of around $8700 for the Maple or Bubinga, which would come out to more like 35% off of that ....... Around $5600.

The 4...
Forum: Drums 01-21-2015, 10:50 PM
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Posted By Artstar
Re: Tama SC maple vs Mapex saturn IV exotic

They just switched the China production to the original logo too. Pretty cool..
Forum: Drums 01-13-2015, 08:56 PM
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Posted By Artstar
Re: DW Collector Drums?

Actually they are not.. but one just needs to know about the pricing structure and what to offer.
Forum: Drums 12-08-2014, 09:09 PM
Replies: 31
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Posted By Artstar
Re: anyone owns a vaughncraft?

Unfortunate .... and if anybody checks out drumforum.org......... you will see all the bs that has been going on for quite some time.

Forum: Drums 11-19-2014, 12:40 AM
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Posted By Artstar
Re: Sonor Safari or Bop

New Pearl "Roadshow". Comes with all you see in pic for less than $400 I think. 18"x12" kick.

Forum: Drums 11-16-2014, 11:53 AM
Replies: 34
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Posted By Artstar
Re: Yamaha Live Custom Oak - opinions?

Keep it simple... That one is good but James did some REALLY COOL stuff that just seriously made history.

Here is the first example : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YA9s6tltaIs
Forum: Drums 11-06-2014, 10:12 PM
Replies: 61
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Posted By Artstar
Re: Sonor Players Kit from Sam Ash

LOL... Most of the guys on Sonormuseum don't buy that implication.

I met one of the Sonor factory workers recently and HE ALSO does not buy that info and never saw any evidence of it.

Forum: Drums 10-29-2014, 04:56 AM
Replies: 22
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Posted By Artstar
Re: Live custom vs. Sonor ascent

strange.. that Sonor Dealer guy Stitchy on sonormuseum has Ascents all around him in his shop on a daily basis.

He chooses a German S-Classix thin birch kit.

The Sonor Dealer Drum...
Forum: Drums 10-28-2014, 10:59 PM
Replies: 22
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Posted By Artstar
Re: Live custom vs. Sonor ascent

Which shell is your SQ2s ?
Forum: Drums 10-28-2014, 02:28 AM
Replies: 5
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Posted By Artstar
Re: Tom Mounts on George Way Kit?

Forum: Drums 10-19-2014, 12:31 AM
Replies: 6
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Posted By Artstar
Re: George Way Drum Kits?

Ditto that ! I heard those through little speakers and they made an impression even so.

They sound better than most of the kits they film IMO.
Forum: Drums 10-14-2014, 01:18 AM
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Posted By Artstar
Re: Ludwig Classic Maple & Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Review

Chris.. if you had to choose between the 2 kicks .. which one wins ??
Forum: Drums 10-13-2014, 04:13 AM
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Posted By Artstar
Re: I ned help with two Gretsch New Classic options!

Black Sparkle Lacquer much nicer than a piece of plastic IMO.
Forum: Drums 10-10-2014, 08:20 AM
Replies: 49
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Posted By Artstar
Re: Autumn beauty!

Good call ! ... and those Porto-Hole thingys just look so cracker jack childish too. lol
Forum: Drums 10-09-2014, 12:07 AM
Replies: 25
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Posted By Artstar
Re: Renown and New Classic Question

Those NC's ....Kaman/Gretsch really took the time to fine tune those shells to diameter. I thought that was pretty darn cool. Solid brass lugs too !
Forum: Drums 09-14-2014, 11:26 PM
Replies: 2,173
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Posted By Artstar
Re: Yamaha Drums

How is the resonance Hefu ??
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