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Forum: General Discussion 08-28-2009, 05:53 PM
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Posted By Oldie
Re: Elec Drum Headphones

I use the Sony MDR 7506. Great sound and very comfy.
it's about USD 95
Forum: Drums 06-06-2009, 10:02 AM
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Posted By Oldie
Re: Scam(TD-20)?

Actually, the Roland TD-20 module is equipped with a voltage sensing powsersupply. It can be used on 110 and 220/40.

There are a lo of these scams on TD-20, when I bought mine I looked In to...
Forum: Drums 05-24-2009, 10:29 AM
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Posted By Oldie
Re: Pearl Reference Drum Kits

I have a Reference 10,12,16,22(ft) kit. Iím completely satisfied with my drums. They sound good with and without micing. They are a bit heavy, but nothing I canít live with. I use Clear Empror on...
Forum: General Discussion 02-02-2009, 05:35 PM
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Posted By Oldie
Re: Drum platform to stop noise travelling through the floor

I have seen a "patent" using a plywood sheet resting on tennisballs. Cut holes in the ply at apx 2/3 of the diameter of the balls.

It's a fairly common problem for people using Vdrums, the only...
Forum: General Discussion 01-25-2009, 10:09 AM
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Posted By Oldie
Re: Recording problems

Try to get a replacement Cubase LE from the store where you got the firestudio...

There are a lot of free DAW software out there, don't use cracks!
Usually the problem is in the driver, look for...
Forum: General Discussion 12-28-2008, 11:47 AM
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Posted By Oldie
Re: What Drum Mics?

Snare - SM57
Kick - Shure beta 52 or AKG D112
Toms - Sennheiser 904
Overhead - RÝde NT5

I used to use Snare/Kick/overhead, but I'm not a heavy hitter so my toms sort of disappeard in the mix. I...
Forum: General Discussion 09-15-2008, 09:55 PM
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Posted By Oldie
Re: Your first time playing a show

My first real gig was this Saturday (September 13th 2008), just 7 weeks shy of my 50th birthday. I have played on open mike night and such before. We played support for another band, but played one...
Forum: General Discussion 09-08-2008, 06:35 PM
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Posted By Oldie
Re: Some recording advice, please

Mackie has a couple of mixers with a firewire interface for computer. They sends all channels to your DAW + a main mix, the Mackie sends an dry signal, no FX and no EQ on the firewire.I like that, ...
Forum: General Discussion 08-23-2008, 09:26 PM
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Posted By Oldie
Re: So I put some ear plugs in

I use custom moulded plugs with a 15db filter. It's a really good investment!
The plugs can be fitted with filters from 10 to 25db or monitors,
Forum: General Discussion 08-10-2008, 06:03 PM
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Posted By Oldie
Re: Low confidence behind the set.

Thanks guys! i'll try the reading glass trick, they will make reading the setlist easier aswell..(:

Forum: General Discussion 08-10-2008, 05:13 PM
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Posted By Oldie
Low confidence behind the set.

Iím an amateur drummer with almost 4 years of drumming (yea, late starter..) we have our first gig in a Blues Club coming up in a month. My problem is that many times I donít think it sounds good...
Forum: Drum Technique 05-19-2006, 06:45 PM
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Posted By Oldie
Re: Playing with shoes on...

I found a pair of Nike Aqua socks, IMO the best shoes for drumming. It's soft, light and have a thin rubber sole. The shoe is made for riversports like rafting etc.

Forum: Drummers 12-22-2005, 05:31 PM
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Posted By Oldie
Re: Who else saw Buddy Rich live?

I saw him in Norway, 78 or 79 I think.

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