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Forum: General Discussion Today, 05:33 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Stage Etiquette

Isn't it just good manners? There's a guy waiting to get onstage, hoping the crowd doesn't cool off or thin out, and trying to get his band's set underway as soon as possible. Plus, the sound man has...
Forum: General Discussion 05-20-2015, 08:20 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Stage Etiquette

Already covered, but I want to underscore:

1) In a multi-band bill, DON'T break your kit down on stage. Move it off and break it down in the wings. I'm amazed how many drummers - older,...
Forum: General Discussion 05-15-2015, 08:22 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Comparing ones abilities with others

Competitiveness/comparisons generally reflect the mindset of the observer.

When I was younger, I was very insecure about my abilities, and so seeing a better drummer brought out the green-eyed...
Forum: General Discussion 05-15-2015, 08:09 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Rock Gigs Not Very Rock Anymore?

Excellent. Thank you for providing some much-needed perspective. I've never been on the club-management side of the equation, but it's always been patently obvious to me that economics trump...
Forum: General Discussion 05-01-2015, 08:09 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Playing Someone Else's Kit

When I have to play another's kit I try to bring as much as I can get away with, including all stands: snare, kick pedal, cymbals, even my throne - pretty much everything but the shells. It's just as...
Forum: General Discussion 05-01-2015, 07:55 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Dave Lombardo: Metal's Greatest Drummer?

For my money? Yes.

And this makes 20.
Forum: General Discussion 05-01-2015, 07:53 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: No Respect

I dunno, guys...most of the drummers I've known weren't stupid, but they were fckn' nuts.

Many years ago I used to hang out often with Sean Ysealt of White Zombie. I started dating a mutual...
Forum: General Discussion 05-01-2015, 07:32 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Difficult band members

Getting along with band mates is overrated.

Many years ago, in N.O., I had the privilege of talking with Robin Zander after a small (cigarette promotion!) Cheap Trick gig.

I was in a...
Forum: General Discussion 04-10-2015, 04:43 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Why the "hate" for nylon tips??

You know, I stopped using nylon tips about twenty years ago, mostly because the tips always flew off. Wood tips also seemed a little more forgiving with my shoddy technique.

A short time ago I was...
Forum: General Discussion 04-10-2015, 04:30 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Thanks Bo!

Bo, you're a lefty??? Didn't know that! How sinister...

I don't know why but I do get excited to see other southpaw drummers like myself. Question: did being a lefty ever hamper you in your...
Forum: General Discussion 04-09-2015, 07:47 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Wrist pain

Whenever I get a sore wrist, or knee, or any kind of ailment pertaining to muscles or tendons, I play through it.

I used to take rests with these kind of things, but I reasoned that the source of...
Forum: General Discussion 03-31-2015, 09:53 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: When to do Free Gigs and Paid Gigs

I don't get it.

Isn't this just basic economics? Surplus drives down value. There are more bands than there are slots for bands. Period.

We can try to put an absolute value on adding live...
Forum: General Discussion 03-18-2015, 07:46 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Last piece of gear you forgot?

Does forgetting stuff AT the gig count for this thread?...I'm not proud of this one.

Just two weeks ago I played a gig, and in the course of packing up my stuff I was talking to this drunk girl...
Forum: General Discussion 03-18-2015, 07:34 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Toms on the Backbeat

Stole? I looked at it as a 'tribute'. (Better not say anymore about that or this could turn into another 'Blurred Lines' thread...)

But I've long been a fan of Steven Wright, and appreciate your...
Forum: General Discussion 03-17-2015, 11:51 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Other songs that sound like other songs

As far as I know, Sting and the Police never took action against Stevie Nicks for ripping off 'Bring on the Night' with 'Edge of Seventeen'. Not sure why; it's basically a note-for-note cover of the...
Forum: General Discussion 03-17-2015, 11:07 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Blurred lines ripped off the "feel"

Strange...I didn't realize I was in such an decided minority.

First time I heard 'Blurred Lines', I was at work, and a co-worker mentioned how she liked the song. I immediately recognized the...
Forum: General Discussion 03-17-2015, 10:39 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Toms on the Backbeat

Same guy that built the pyramids, eh?

Forum: General Discussion 02-24-2015, 07:47 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Over exuberance - a time & a place?


Forum: General Discussion 02-24-2015, 04:46 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Over exuberance - a time & a place?

Just sounded like some damn good drumming to me.

Live context is always a little more, well, 'lively'. You were right there with the rest of the band - that's all that really matters.

And the...
Forum: General Discussion 02-18-2015, 09:33 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Ever shown up to play with a new musician and realized it was a bad fit immediately?

I absolutely love these war stories. Keep 'em coming, everyone! I can relate to so many of these tales...

Truth to tell, they entertain me a lot more than the technique and gear threads. (Probably...
Forum: General Discussion 02-18-2015, 07:41 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Forum: General Discussion 02-04-2015, 07:57 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: How many of you are playing for tips?

This. I've always just figured that if enough people are coming out to see you play, the money's going to come - that's how it's always worked for me. If you can't draw, I don't see why there should...
Forum: General Discussion 01-22-2015, 06:32 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: It Happened Again!!

Exactly this! I remember an early studio experience I had - when I brought home the initial recording roughs, I was so disappointed that I didn't sound like Copeland or Cameron or Mac Macneilly, and...
Forum: General Discussion 01-20-2015, 08:26 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: do i need a hi hat mic?

Wow, that's exactly the setup I used when I recorded an album with my old band - we did it ourselves on an old Tascam. We scored a few good mikes, but not many, so we had to be judicious. After some...
Forum: General Discussion 01-15-2015, 08:31 PM
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Posted By philrudd
Re: Drummer Terry Williams playing with Dire Straits - nice drumming!

Here's a pretty comprehensive explanation from the co-producer that I hadn't seen before:


And this is from another site:
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