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Forum: General Discussion 02-08-2015, 01:20 AM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: DW news

I have never seen a brand that invokes so much passion, both positive and negative. I find it very interesting.

And that active snare thing was a flop at least for me, and I too have one...
Forum: Drums 12-02-2014, 08:09 PM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: Vintage Snare Drum Collectors?

here are some of mine, some old some not that old.
Forum: Drums 12-02-2014, 08:01 PM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: Wood snare alternatives (to my Ludwigs)

My advice is always the same, go play them, only you know what you are looking for.

keep in mind, the albums we all listen too are processed, you really cant expect even the exact same snare to...
Forum: Drums 12-02-2014, 06:13 PM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: Vintage TAMA Superstar Restoration

I haven't done it yet but they will look like they were built that way. if you look where the badges are placed, they are not centered on the Extras sizes, It will either look perfect or I wont do it...
Forum: General Discussion 05-25-2014, 05:22 PM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: Used cymbals?

Pawn shops are my favorite
Forum: General Discussion 05-23-2014, 10:31 PM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: Nickel...why not?

I agree, nickel has a great soft, vintage classic look. You just really have to take care of it
Forum: Drums 05-23-2014, 01:49 AM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: 80's Tama Superstars

Very cool, those are some big toms
Forum: Drums 05-23-2014, 01:21 AM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: Rogers Big R, why the hate??

Great score, enjoy them
Forum: General Discussion 05-21-2014, 04:48 PM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: Nickel or chrome?

Nickel has a softer almost yellower look
Forum: General Discussion 05-21-2014, 04:37 PM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: Led Zep Vs Spirit issue

It has all been done before, Mozart, Beethoven, etc..

It is all just reworking what has been done before.

Just my .02
Forum: General Discussion 05-21-2014, 04:33 PM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: Preparing for a covers band

I have been in this situation multiple times. What works for me is creating a playlist or CD and listen to the songs constantly. Drives my wife and kids nuts when i do this in the car;-)

For me it...
Forum: General Discussion 05-17-2014, 05:02 PM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: What do you do when you have a gig but a better one comes up?

I personally always honor my agreements, trust is more important that money.

That being said, may e you know someone that can cover for you and you can maintain the friendship and take the paying...
Forum: Drums 05-16-2014, 03:22 AM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: 80's Tama Superstars

The link does not work

You may be interested in my restoration thread

Forum: Drums 05-16-2014, 03:15 AM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Forum: Drums 05-16-2014, 03:13 AM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: How O.C.D. are you guys with your drums?

All my kits are in mint condition, even my gig kit!
Forum: Drums 05-07-2014, 02:19 AM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: I drool when I look at these classics!

All beautiful, yes i have been wanting that chrome / brass supra since i first saw one.

And vintage BBs, what can I say?
Forum: General Discussion 04-19-2014, 05:00 PM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: Is Vic Firth's New Lacquer Bothering Your Hands?

I have been playing Vic Firth sticks for at least 15 years, love them. Just bought 6 pairs about a month ago, haven't noticed anything different
Forum: General Discussion 04-13-2014, 08:18 PM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: Filling in badge holes on lacquered drums

I second the small screws, you might even look into carrage bolts, they would be clean

Forum: General Discussion 04-11-2014, 11:20 PM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: New DW Kit, worth it?

Congrats, you will get many years of enjoyment out of those.
Forum: Drums 04-10-2014, 04:38 PM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: Crazy? (looking for an opinion or two...)

I will chime in, I am most likely a year or two older than you ;-)

When I was in high school I had Rogers Holiday kit. I sold it to buy another kit. I wish I had that Rogers today.

Of course...
Forum: General Discussion 04-10-2014, 04:22 PM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: Timeless wrap finishes.

I am with you, my painted kit stays home, here is my gig kit, might be what you are looking for

Forum: Drum Technique 04-09-2014, 04:11 PM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: can the quality of your throne affect your playing?

If your back and butt hurt you will not play well
Forum: Drums 04-04-2014, 02:58 AM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: Newest tools

Beautiful and classy, very nice
Forum: General Discussion 04-02-2014, 01:14 AM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: Cutting down marching drums

I have contemplated doing this myself, the 10x14 70s marching snare i have is not really valuable as for as snares go, I figure I could get a 6 1/2 and a 4 out of it.

Here is a video on how to...
Forum: General Discussion 04-02-2014, 12:25 AM
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Posted By rmandelbaum
Re: celebrate what would have been his 60th

One of my favorites,

Look how young he was in this

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