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Forum: General Discussion 06-05-2015, 06:52 PM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: This is social media, right?

Tough crowd. I hope you can feel the love.
Forum: Drums 05-21-2015, 07:01 PM
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Posted By Redbeard
Forum: Drums 04-16-2015, 11:50 PM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: maple/oak hyrid snare

I really dig the Red Oyster finish they offer, and it would look good with my red sparkle kit, but that drum would cost a bit more than the black one linked above.

I'm leaning toward the...
Forum: Drums 04-16-2015, 05:10 PM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: maple/oak hyrid snare

I've been curious about the Keystone snares for a while, but I've yet to see one in person. And for some reason there aren't a lot of demos on Youtube. I usually play with only the bass drum mic'ed,...
Forum: Drums 04-16-2015, 12:06 AM
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Posted By Redbeard
maple/oak hyrid snare

I'm interested in a maple/oak hybrid snare and am looking at a 14x8 from Pork Pie (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/drums-percussion/pork-pie-maple-oak-snare-drum) and Ludwig...
Forum: General Discussion 04-14-2015, 06:22 PM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: Went to Memphis Drum Shop (again)...

I always liked George's videos as well. Is he still touring with the Chris Robinson Brotherhood?
I've been to Memphis twice in the last year, but I still haven't managed to find time to get to MDS....
Forum: General Discussion 04-14-2015, 05:59 PM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: What's your latest purchase?

I recently picked up an LP Stealth jam block (http://www.lpmusic.com/products/blocks/stealth-jam-block-pack-wmount/) and I'm thrilled with it. It's sensitive and projects well; my band and sound guy...
Forum: Drums 03-12-2015, 09:23 PM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: New Gretsch Renown Birch

Have the Renown birch or walnut hit dealers yet? I love my maples and would like to check out how the others compare soundwise.
Forum: Drums 08-12-2014, 04:45 AM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: Alternative to Gretsch Renown Kit

The Gretsch USA Customs and Renowns sound too similar to be considered alternatives soundwise, unless of course the sizes are very different. The Brooklyns have a more open sound, but I think a lot...
Forum: Drums 08-08-2014, 11:30 PM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: Gretsch Renown - thinking about buying

Have your drums arrived yet? It's hard to tell exactly which finish that is; transparent ebony perhaps? Also, did you show the guy at GC the Cascio ebay listing, because I can't find the...
Forum: Drums 07-31-2014, 11:15 PM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: Pearl Free Floater (advice)

It could be my imagination, but I think the aluminum base plays a large role in the sound of these drums, probably even more than getting the lugs off the shell. I say that because in theory the...
Forum: Drums 07-30-2014, 11:28 PM
Replies: 48
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: GRETSCH BROOKLYN mediocre bad quality?

This is not representative of any Gretsch drum I've seen. I would have your store order a replacement kit and inspect it before you take delivery.
Forum: Drums 07-29-2014, 11:27 PM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: Gretsch Renown Maple 16" Floor

The 14x16 is available in shell packs, but despite being listed as an add-on (RN1-1416F at http://www.gretschdrums.com/?fa=drums&sid=747#specs), I've had several Gretsch dealers tell me it's not...
Forum: Drums 07-21-2014, 10:50 PM
Replies: 23
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: Best Maple Drumkit around $1000

Check out a Gretsch Renown. I think the 30 degree bearing edges give it a fatter sound than, say, a Pearl Masters (which I think projects/cuts a little better) or others with the sharper 45 degree...
Forum: Drums 06-20-2014, 10:31 PM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: John Good Interview

Not everyone likes the sound or look of DW drums, but they're obviously doing something right. As someone else said, hype/marketing only gets you so far. I don't know anything about John Good...
Forum: General Discussion 06-07-2014, 12:23 AM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: Middle aged bands. How should they dress?

The other day, a guitarist friend was giving another a hard time about wearing white sneakers at a bar gig. He said, "When you're playing a blues gig, ask yourself: 'Would Freddie King wear this?'"
Forum: General Discussion 06-06-2014, 08:56 PM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: Led's Latest Page

You could probably make a case that chemistry is even more important than talent (assuming a certain baseline of ability). Look at how many folks over the years have left a successful band and never...
Forum: Drums 01-24-2014, 09:58 PM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: Do you call it a kick drum or bass drum?

Youtube viewers will hate on you no matter what you do, so don't worry about it.

I've always said "bass" drum, but I've heard a lot of folks say "kick" so I think it's pretty widely accepted....
Forum: Drums 01-09-2014, 11:25 PM
Replies: 83
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: So what's up with Ludwig 2014

I've commented about this in other threads. This is the golden age of drum gear as far as a wide variety of quality options at all price points. Very few niches are unserved, and while that has to be...
Forum: Drums 12-18-2013, 10:16 PM
Replies: 14
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: Pro level kit

I'm not sure how your drum comes out of tune with lug locks, but I can see how that would be frustrating. Maybe it's worth trying some cast hoops. Also, as long as you're changing heads, maybe go a...
Forum: Drums 12-12-2013, 10:11 PM
Replies: 5
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: Refinishing Color Yamaha Recording Custom Drum?

I've never seen yellow RCs, but changing a rare color is only an issue if you're worried about resale value (and rare doesn't always mean desirable). If you plan on keeping and playing them, who...
Forum: Drums 11-27-2013, 10:19 PM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: Did Ludwig do solid black drum hoops on WMP newer classic maples

I recently looked into ordering a Ludwig kit, and I think you have the choice of inlay or plain hoop.
And of course, logos are easily changed, and maybe the original hoops were damaged and replaced...
Forum: General Discussion 11-27-2013, 10:00 PM
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: Is the acoustic kit dying?

I'm not going to debate the pros and cons of e drums, but back to the original question, I'm trying to remember ever being in a venue where a drummer used an elctronic setup live instead of acoustic....
Forum: Drums 11-27-2013, 09:40 PM
Replies: 9
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: Thinking of adding a tom - what size?

It sounds like you'd prefer an 8" tom. Are you wanting to add on because you feel there's a sound missing from what you use your kit for? Or are you just kinda bored with your current setup...
Forum: Drummers 11-22-2013, 06:25 PM
Replies: 13
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Posted By Redbeard
Re: 10 things you may not know about Charlie

I picked up Charlie's isolated hi hat thing when clicking the rim and certain patterns, but I didn't realize he did it so much.
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