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Forum: General Discussion 12-09-2013, 07:20 PM
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Posted By Chromium
Drums balance for recording.

I'm just about to start testing the recording of my acoustic kit for the first time, and I wondered if there was a good starting position for recording a kit? I remember that many years ago when...
Forum: Drums 08-16-2013, 04:32 PM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: Premier Snare - ID and UK parts?

Thanks ever so much tobba. Really appreciated :)
Forum: Drums 08-16-2013, 03:31 PM
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Posted By Chromium
Premier Snare - ID and UK parts?

I've just bought a Tama kit and it came with a 12" x 6" Premier Snare, I've looked online but can't ID it, can anyone help? Also two lugs are broken and I want to source UK based replacements, but...
Forum: General Discussion 04-13-2013, 11:15 PM
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Posted By Chromium
The Drummer Gene?

Here's a thought... Is there perhaps a drummer gene?

I got to thinking that we all know some people are more able to hold a beat, and and that their (our) timing and ability to keep to a grove is...
Forum: Drums 04-13-2013, 03:15 PM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: Tom angles!!!!

Finally got to post some of these... :)
Just loving this config... must be so easy to play. No wonder they're getting rid of the kit.
Forum: General Discussion 04-12-2013, 11:31 PM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: How long from complete beginner to gigging?

Took me about a year from first picking up the sticks to playing with a band. I too was mid forties, but had been playing music from an early age (piano, guitar, bass). I practice most days for...
Forum: General Discussion 04-12-2013, 09:28 AM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: For the gigging drummers, what is your last song?

We usually end with 'When will I Be Loved' by The Everly Bros.
Forum: General Discussion 04-10-2013, 07:38 PM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: Songs that are recognizable just by the beat

There are lots of them that use a regular beat after an intro (as Bermuda pointed out), but here's a few more that I think are truly recognizable from the beat... I don't think these have been...
Forum: General Discussion 04-10-2013, 08:37 AM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: Songs that are recognizable just by the beat

Nice 'n Sleazy - The Stranglers
Tommy Gun - The Clash
Are We Not Men - Devo
Cars - Gary Numan
I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow
We Will Rock You - Queen
Smoke on The Water - Deep Purple

Forum: Drums 03-25-2013, 01:03 AM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: Blue drums anyone?

That Ludwig kit looks great.
I've got the Roland optional shiny dark blue wrap on my Roland TD20 kit. :)
Forum: General Discussion 03-19-2013, 11:36 AM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: Acoustic vs. Electronic

I'd agree with the fact that you don't get the same feel, but I also think it's close enough. I've been exclusively using an e-kit for the last eight months for both practice and gigging, and...
Forum: General Discussion 03-11-2013, 08:17 PM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: Bad reviews?

I played in a band once that within a pretty good review overall in a local paper was the phrase "...not so much a wall of sound than an avalanche of noise." Made us laugh at the time.
Forum: General Discussion 03-09-2013, 11:49 AM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: If your drums could talk, what would they say?

"Bloody hell, 4/4 again! Don't you know any other time sigs?"

"Stop fiddling with my brain!"

"Hello... hello..., hello... Is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there...
Forum: General Discussion 03-09-2013, 10:06 AM
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Posted By Chromium
Set-up/Strike testing

Today my band and I (a trio) are undertaking a set-up and break-down testing activity...

As a band who's usual circuit is pubs, it means our fees charged are pretty limited, so we certainly can't...
Forum: Drums 03-04-2013, 05:42 PM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: Origin Classic - Drummer magazine review

Just to add my congrats for a 'spanking' review Andy... Well done! :)
Forum: General Discussion 03-03-2013, 09:47 PM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: Famous Drummers - Off their usual style/genre

I just checked and you're right... :) Between GB and TW they did all the drumming on 'Album'
Forum: General Discussion 03-03-2013, 01:41 PM
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Posted By Chromium
Famous Drummers - Off their usual style/genre

I was amazed whilst reading a biography of John Lydon to find out that Ginger Baker was in fact drumming on Public Image Limited's album 'Album', and also the guitarist on the album was one Steve...
Forum: Drums 02-28-2013, 09:00 AM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: Ebay crimes against innocent drums...

Only advantage I've found in this situation is occasionally they not only don't have a clue about setting them up, but also don't have a clue how much they're worth either. I saw what looked like a...
Forum: Drummers 02-24-2013, 08:08 PM
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Posted By Chromium
How did Keith Moon play?

Sorry if that seems like a dumb question, but I'm intrigued by Keith Moon's style of drumming. Someone remarked recently when I was playing particularly 'over the top' that I played like him... But I...
Forum: General Discussion 02-21-2013, 10:41 AM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: Dave Lombardo kicked off Slayers Aus Tour and ripped off by band mates/management?

Kudos to him. Its good to see someone in 'the industry' who is standing up for what he believes in. Its a lesson to all of us, that even musicians (and other stars) at the top of their game can be...
Forum: General Discussion 02-20-2013, 01:04 PM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: why?

I think I would have painted them in yellow and black stripes, as they remind me of the tail end of a wasp!
Forum: General Discussion 02-19-2013, 04:29 PM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: What were you doing at half your age?

Your actually spot on Bermuda, that was exactly half my current life. I was also at university, a mature student of 24. I bet you were amazed by that pure raw talent in my recording eh?
Forum: General Discussion 02-12-2013, 01:22 PM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: Suggestions For Recording Drums With A Tascam DP-008

I've used the same Tascam recorder and had pretty good results with an acoustic kit by setting up two mics (Akai C1000s) one overhead about 3 foot above the highest cymbal (pointing towards my...
Forum: General Discussion 02-10-2013, 11:16 PM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: How do they do that - recording/releasing cover albums?

I have... so I certainly understand. I wrote a number of instrumental pieces for video machines in the early noughties used all over the world. However was an employee of the company making the...
Forum: General Discussion 02-10-2013, 05:36 PM
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Posted By Chromium
Re: How do they do that - recording/releasing cover albums?

Lots of good advice on the situation in the USA, but after some research I see that PRS seems to licence the venues for live music here in the UK and the onus appears to be on the venue to return...
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