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Forum: Drums 10-13-2018, 06:17 AM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: Pearl brass Sensitone video!


Why can't other snare drum demos be as clear to follow?
No crazy chop fest, smashing, or machine gun playing- really made the Sensitone audio experience stand out like it should....
Forum: Drummers 09-22-2018, 06:44 PM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: Joe Morello

Reading now- what JM fans would be waiting to have. Thanks for sharing!
Forum: General Discussion 09-22-2018, 05:23 AM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: Morello/Gottlieb DVD's

Try to copy & paste the link location into your browser address bar.
I was able to click onto it.

They have a phone number you can call for info on the DVD's, which are shown on the web page....
Forum: Drummers 09-11-2018, 06:26 AM
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Posted By newoldie
The Forgotten Beatle (replaced Ringo)

No, it's not Bernard Purdie.
This was a shocker to me, at least. The article explains, the video shows him.
I did a double-take WTH, thought it was fake at first.

Forum: General Discussion 09-06-2018, 06:42 PM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: Why Modern Pop Music Is So Awful To Some!!!

Thx- Great video! Rick knows how to present the facts.
Forum: General Discussion 09-06-2018, 03:54 AM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: Why Modern Pop Music Is So Awful To Some!!!

Modern pop music makes me cringe, if its like the kind being played in the gyms and even force-fed into public shopping venues.

Whenever possible, I avoid it like the plague.

Too much like...
Forum: Drummers 09-03-2018, 11:45 PM
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Posted By newoldie
Ringo's playing "This Boy", rehearsal Miami

Just spotted this YT video, a Beatles' rehearsal video of "This Boy" from Miami, 1964, for the Ed Sullivan show.
What was unusual was noticing how Ringo played mainly on the hi hats for most of the...
Forum: Drummers 08-20-2018, 06:08 AM
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Posted By newoldie
The 7-Decade Career of Drummer Roy Haynes

When I think about longevity as a drummer, I have to think of this great one.

"Roy Haynes still walks tall in the world of jazz. After seven decades behind the drums, not a detail is overlooked....
Forum: General Discussion 08-16-2018, 01:17 AM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: Neck pain from looking at music stand

You might investigate the Manhasset #53 that Al P. has on his last link above, which I've used for the last several years. I positioned the music stand in front left (I'm a lefty setup) by attaching...
Forum: Drummers 08-13-2018, 06:14 PM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: David Garibaldi Soul Train Appearance

How's he doing since the train accident around a year ago?
I assume he's back up full speed now, hopefully?

I think the bass player was more injured, hopefully he's also OK.

Anyone know?
Forum: General Discussion 08-04-2018, 12:57 AM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: Moving on

Approach cautiously like you're speaking to a Great White shark- calmly and naturally but don't inflame. As you've acknowledged don't burn bridges.
Rehearse a few lines just in case...

Forum: Drum Technique 08-01-2018, 06:27 PM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: I'm feeling "shocks" on my left wrist after playing for a bit. Should I be worried?

Maybe consider a lighter stick?

I found that trying to practice on the pads with a larger than 5B stick model (under the premise that some additional weight might help train the muscles better)...
Forum: Drummers 08-01-2018, 02:33 AM
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Posted By newoldie
John Densmore/The Doors live at Hollywood Bowl

The Doors live performance at The Hollywood Bowl in 1968 (video in HQ on YT: https://youtu.be/3mA75vvFylc) is one of those rare films to watch The Doors in a live performance, this is especially up...
Forum: General Discussion 07-13-2018, 04:34 AM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: Do guitarists generally dislike rests on drums?

In my blues band, our lead guitarist/vocalist insisted that I play quarter notes on the hi hats w/sticks during each rest of silence, to keep the whole group together until the music restarts...
Forum: General Discussion 07-12-2018, 07:34 PM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: Drinking beer at a gig

Never do, never will.

Need my full capabilities intact. Alcohol numbs them, to whatever degree.
Forum: General Discussion 07-11-2018, 03:54 AM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: Passing On Experience

When gigging, always bring your own rug. Even if others say the stage has carpet. Worst case, you can outline your drum set boundaries on top of the carpet on the stage.

I recently showed up for...
Forum: Drummers 07-03-2018, 07:02 AM
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Posted By newoldie
Shelley Manne-BBC Jazz Libraries

Here's one on Shelley Manne on the BBC Jazz Libraries, same style intriguing discussions as the above 2.

Forum: Drummers 06-30-2018, 01:22 AM
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Posted By newoldie
Papa Jo Jones and Max Roach-BBC Jazz Libraries

In depth analysis on each player and their styles, by Richard Pite on BBC Jazz Libraries, these 2 YT links below:


Forum: Drums 06-28-2018, 07:43 PM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: Ginormous double bass drums!!

It would be interesting to hear back how you thought the 28 sounds in that band--a bit too much, good primarily as a prop, or good as an instrument with the music?

Since you're usually able to...
Forum: Drums 06-28-2018, 02:56 AM
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Posted By newoldie
Ginormous double bass drums!!

I came across a Kentucky Head Hunter video while searching for Big Boss Man covers (a group I sub for is playing it).

Wow- this guy's double B Drums are the largest ones I've seen in action,...
Forum: General Discussion 06-26-2018, 09:22 PM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: Stones backline

The batter head of Charlie's snare is quite worn looking-- perhaps he favors a used head and doesn't feel it's necessary to change heads each show (some other well known touring drummers have said...
Forum: General Discussion 06-21-2018, 03:18 AM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: Damage control: take care of your stuff

It looks like this online/store retailer is selling Camber T Tops, kind of pricey but it might be one of the only options:

Forum: Drum Technique 06-13-2018, 02:35 AM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: 5 Killer Gadd Licks

Thanks, FF! Love your teaching since it uses both notation PDF and clear demos. I use some of your licks for my own gigging and parts of solos.

Too many lessons out there where the guy playing...
Forum: Drummers 06-11-2018, 06:33 PM
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Posted By newoldie
Vernel Fournier- Poinciana drum demo

I found this YT video and it was excellent.

Poinciana by Ahmad Jamal, a favorite jazz tune of mine, is one of those compositions I couldn't quite grok the entire drum groove through listening...
Forum: General Discussion 06-05-2018, 08:23 AM
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Posted By newoldie
Re: What's the deal with Nicko McBrain's name?

I did too at first, the last name sounds unusual enough...
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