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daktari 12-06-2012 10:06 AM

Dual use powered PA speaker recommendation
I'm looking at these speakers:

Behringer B212D
Alto TS112A
Mackie TH-12A
RCF 312a

The dual use is because I'm going to need a single PA speaker for my acoustic duo (guitar and vox), plus I need a monitor for my band where I play drums. Obviously the SPL requirements for these two are vastly different. Duo will play restaurants, wineries, coffee shops, maybe a bar. But any bar where either group performs is very likely going to have their own PA. The band is going to play bars, and maybe a private party. Loud. I'll be trying to hear vox over a 40 watt Hot Rod Deluxe and a 30 watt Crate on either side of my kit.

Obviously the QSC is a well reviewed unit. But do I need that much PA for monitoring? Conversely, is a lower priced/quality speaker that much worse at the volumes the duo plays?

As a general rule, I don't abuse and take care of my gear.

What do you think?

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