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Kingvarsson 11-08-2012 11:40 AM

A little introduction, just joined!
Hi there!
Been lurking around here for quite a while, simply haven't felt that I could contribute with anything but now the time has come... Saw the lurker thread and registered, like just in case I would have something to say or ask.

I play mostly jazz now, but I like and listen to a lot of other kinds of music. Been playing the drums since I was about ten i think, but on my own and not really dead serious until I was 16 and got a teacher. I'm still in school but I graduate this spring, gonna do some auditions to further music education in the area (Scania, Sweden) soon.

Last name is Ingvarsson, a friend of mine called me Kingvarsson the other day, I don't mean to be an ego or consider myself more important than anyone else, it was just a decently witty username, haha...

Not much more to it, have a good day!

harryconway 11-08-2012 05:47 PM

Re: A little introduction, just joined!
Welcome to Drummerworld. Show use some pics of your kit. We love eye candy.

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