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Pimento 07-24-2012 09:35 PM

Well i know its kind of a lame thing to do on an internet forum but i just felt the need to announce that on July 21st i tied the knot with my ling time sweetheart :) It was an awesome day for both of us, and now that the excitement has calmed down a bit and weve regained a measure of composure life is even better haha!

thunderstruck 07-24-2012 10:13 PM

Re: Woohoo!
Congratulations!! I wish you both many happy years together.

larryz 07-24-2012 10:20 PM

Re: Woohoo!
That's great. Congrats. Just wondering what a drummer's wedding recption music was like? Live band? Songs?

Pimento 07-25-2012 08:01 AM

Re: Woohoo!
Honestly it was a small affair with a lot of oldies/pop type music that everyone likes lol. 60-80 people. Still did the suit/dress. But low pressure tonnes of fun lol

The Black Page Dude 07-25-2012 08:03 AM

Re: Woohoo!
Congrats! I am a couple months behind you on Sept 15th! Ain't love grand?

Pimento 08-23-2012 01:22 PM

Re: Woohoo!

MaryO 08-23-2012 02:00 PM

Re: Woohoo!
Congrats! And what a great pic.

Jeremy Bender 08-24-2012 04:03 AM

Re: Woohoo!
Many happy years to both of you!

B-squared 08-24-2012 04:34 AM

Re: Woohoo!
Congratulations and wishing you both all the best!

Bo Eder 08-24-2012 07:23 AM

Re: Woohoo!
Congratulations! Many happy years to you both!

keep it simple 08-24-2012 09:12 AM

Re: Woohoo!
Superb picture :) I wish you both good health & happiness.

BTW, no drums at the wedding = disgraceful ;) ;) ;)

tamadrm 08-24-2012 08:34 PM

Re: Woohoo!
Congrats...make sure to remember how happy you both are together right now....and make it a goal to feel the same about each other every day....till your days are no more.:)

Steve B

Pimento 08-25-2012 01:54 AM

Re: Woohoo!

Originally Posted by keep it simple (Post 1038707)
Superb picture :) I wish you both good health & happiness.

BTW, no drums at the wedding = disgraceful ;) ;) ;)

Haha, i had actually requested that my band play at our reception...but she let me keep the mohawk, so i guess were even.

She also forgives me for travelling 10 hours away this weekend to go see metallica with all of my band members (they bought me a ticket, i dont really dig metallica, and the wife is nuts about them) and she goes to a foster system sponsored event with her mother and 7 mentally challenged adopted brothers and sisters, plus my son and step daughter for 5 days lol.

Anon La Ply 08-25-2012 02:34 PM

Re: Woohoo!
Love the wedding shot :)

Tough call for your better half this weekend though!

Mad About Drums 08-25-2012 02:47 PM

Re: Woohoo!
Congratulations to both of you :)

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