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ryanlikealion 06-10-2012 01:07 PM

Songwriting and singing workshops - anyone done this kind of work before?
I'd like to talk to anyone who's run these kind of workshops with kids. I really want these sessions to be a success so I'm trying to build on my resources so that I can be as prepared as I can. Althoug I realise I will be ' thinking on my feet' a lot of the time it's usually good to have a plan even if you stray away from it.

I'm going to be working in a youth centre delivering a 5 week workshop to 11/12 year olds, starting in a couple of weeks - I have loads of ideas and have drawn out a scheme of work. But I must stress that although I've 'facilitated' drum lessons and percussion workshops before I've not yet conducted singing or songwriting workshops.

I'll be working with them for 2 hours per week and these are my thoughts so far:

Each session will start with some warm ups and games in order to break the ice and get everyone relaxed.

The first hour will be singing, where I will introduce them to basic musical concepts such as holding the right note, dynamics, timing, call & response and group work. The last part of the singing hour will involve us practicing for a group performance/recording, using a song chosen by the group.

The second hour will be songwriting, where we will discuss current songwriters and then write a song together as a group. We'll decide on a theme together and work to a basic structure such as verse chorus verse.

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