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Duck Tape 05-04-2012 06:15 PM

New moulded musicians earplugs
I had some custom moulded earplugs made by a Sydney company called Resound. The audiologist recommended 25db filters, I had the choice of 10 and 15 also. Everything I'd read about musicians earplugs suggested a flat attenuation however when I wear these, the sound is great, I have clarity and a significant volume reduction but I find that they boost the bass. As such my bass drum sounds very phat and my toms have lots of tone! I think this is the eq alot of ppl would chase but it seems a little unnatural to me. I'm thinking of padding my bass drum more but I worry that my guitarist won't be able to hear it well enough.

When I picked them up I tried then on and commented (to the receptionist) that my voice sounded a bit muffled and bassy, she said it was because I went for the quietist filter. I interperet this as my voice being louder internally rather than externally, if that makes sense. I also notice that when I walk I can hear my footsteps quite loud (internally) so I tend to agree with her. Either way, flat attenuation or not, I have the opportunity to swap the filters free of charge ONCE, would I be better off with the 15db filters? I'm yet to play with my guitarist and I might not get a live show in before the opportunity is lost.

Hoping to hear from ppl who use these!

uniin 05-05-2012 03:33 AM

Re: New moulded musicians earplugs
a couple of my teachers and I did a test one rehearsal. we were rehearsing at a peak of 112dB. at this volume you have hearing loss/damage after about 20~30mins.... -15dB would be 97dB which (if i recall correctly) is hearing loss after about 1.5hrs? so if you're playing long gigs/rehearsals i would stick with the -25dB. or at least if you play loud gigs/rehearsals.

how much did these cost? also what suburb did you get them from?

Duck Tape 05-05-2012 05:02 AM

Re: New moulded musicians earplugs
Hey Uniin, I'm actually a bit worried that I've damaged my ears now that I've tried these because I realize that using earphones as earplugs didn't do much, maybe 10db sound reduction.

These cost $220 and I had them moulded on George Street in Sydney city, in the Dymocks building, level 10.


Let me know if you are going to get them because I think they'll give me a gift voucher for referring you.


dylanp 04-08-2013 07:07 AM

Re: New moulded musicians earplugs
This thread caught my interest because of my tinnitus...

I got some of these from the same place. I was under the impression that they were pretty flat across all frequencies, but they aren't. There is a definite drop off in the highs. This has caused me issues with hats and cymbals, as I tend to over compensate with my playing, thinking they are too quiet. I ended up setting up in ear monitors with a stereo mic and a little mixer, but that is a problem in it'self as you are then at the mercy of your best judgement and it can be hard to turn down in the middle of a song that's really cranking.

I've just been back to pick up some replacement 25db filters, as I had been told some of the filters are not equal in each side and I get the impression you might get unlucky and get a bad batch or something similar.

While I was there I purchased some 15db filters, which from the audio reports I was sent by gnresound appear to be a little more even across the range. I'm not planning on using the 15db filters for playing, more for when I'm watching gigs etc.

I'm keen to hear about other people solutions to the high frequency issue though, I know lots of drummers use ear plugs so the missing highs can't be bothering them much.


keep it simple 02-13-2015 10:51 AM

Re: New moulded musicians earplugs

Originally Posted by Darrencolons (Post 1328109)
I bought earplugs from aussieearplugs which is an online store of earplugs in Australia. I bought them at very reasonable price. They does not cause any irritation in my ears. I usually wear them while sleeping because I can't bear the unwanted noise while sleeping.

Do you play drums ?

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