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resohead 03-27-2012 10:08 PM

Asst pics
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Bo Eder 03-27-2012 10:39 PM

Re: Asst pics
Hey did you play for Maynard Ferguson? I always loved his bands.

resohead 03-27-2012 11:18 PM

Re: Asst pics
I was working for my brother in laws music store. We delivered a piano to the gig. LOL What a show. I was amazed even more so since I played trumpet in school.
Just a free tshirt I'm afraid.

resohead 03-27-2012 11:20 PM

Re: Asst pics
Grea had asked for a pic of me playing. I found some stuff and got carried away.

Ian Williams 03-27-2012 11:31 PM

Re: Asst pics
Brother cool pictures! Love that Premier red set...Is it a 7 piece?

Mad About Drums 03-27-2012 11:38 PM

Re: Asst pics
Very good pics Phil, my fav kit is the "Babes" golden sparkle, really cool :))

resohead 03-28-2012 12:33 AM

Re: Asst pics
Thanks! Six piece Premier pawn shop special and the six piece Fibes was a wrap called black and white crunch, it was awesome. Also had a Dennis Chambers signature snare
which is unbelievable. http://www.pearldrum.com/Products/Sn...-Chambers.aspx

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