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daredrummer 10-11-2011 01:47 AM

Looking for some duo bands
My friend and I are trying to play together as a duo, so far it's going pretty good. Although we haven't formed a song yet, we've composed several various parts together and are working on forming them into a song. Generally, I'm on the keys and he's on the drums, but he plays some keys too, I can play drum obviously, I can play a little bass, and both of us can play various percussion instruments.
However, we would like to do some covers too, and it's hard to find duo bands that play the style of music we want to go for. We're willing to play a broad variety of genres, but want to stay away from most electronica, mainstream rock, pop, punk, grunge, etc. Problematically, I've found that most duo bands are of the above genres. Jazz, funk, fusion, experimental rock, and possibly other genres are all up for grabs.
My drum teacher introduced me to the Benevento Russo Duo, which is a perfect band to do some covers off of. Here's one song by them. Their playing is a combination of acid jazz, experimental rock, and fusion, so it falls right into stuff we're interested in.
Does anyone know of any other duos that are similar or play any of the genres listed above? Examples of songs that have just 2 people (I know pink floyd have a few) work too, just make sure there is no guitar or any other of the instruments not listed above. Even percussion duos work, we did some experimenting with that and it came out pretty good.
Thanks all!

Dutch 10-11-2011 04:44 AM

Re: Looking for some duo bands
Sounds like a great idea, enjoy!

You didn't mention if either of you sings and I know you don't want guitar, but perhaps Tuck & Patti can provide some inspiration.. They do great covers and I can imagine a few of their covers would translate well when played with bass/drums/vocal, or keys/drums/vocal..

Have fun!


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