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con struct 09-21-2011 12:30 AM

Check Your House For Mold!
Last January I came down with pneumonia and I stayed sick for several months. Then I began breaking out in a rash, an itching flaming red rash all over my chest and arms.

During this time I was far too weak to play anything meaningful on the drums for any extended period of time. Neither of my doctors could determine what exactly was wrong, and I went through a long and wearying battery of tests, all of which turned up nothing.

Two weeks ago I came down with severe bronchitis. Just walking up the stairs in my house would literally take my breath away. I ended up in the emergency room, and was put on heavy steroids and antibiotics.

A few days ago I noticed that the carpet in one corner of my studio was wet, so I called a contractor. He sent a crew out to check everything and damn if that corner of the studio isn't infected with mold and mildew. They're going to have to tear out a wall and the whole damn ceiling. There's a pipe that's leaking water down to my music room; all the drywall has to be ripped out, pipes replaced, the upstairs bathroom completely gutted and the entire house treated for mold.

Home owner's insurance will cover most of it. But finally everything makes sense. It's my own damn house that's been making me sick. I looked it up on the internet and everything was absolutely corroborated by my own experience. My symptoms perfectly match those described on the medical sites I looked at.

So check your houses and apartments, people. That stuff is nasty.

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