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baodes 06-03-2011 05:41 AM

Soul searching (Somewhat).
So I just wanted to share my story to you guys and gals. I have kind of strayed from drumming for a while. For one thing, it has gotten a bit stale for me. second, I have fostered an affection to my future profession (social work.), so I have been reading up on it. Finally, about a few months ago, I declared myself an atheist, so I have been dealing with that also. (my dad STILL doesn't know, but that's mostly out of laziness. The rest of my family at least accepts it) I suppose the main focus on my search is due mainly to my atheist conversion, I've been researching about this, that and the like. (Currently reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, interesting stuff in my opinion.) I guess that my interest in social work is not to be overlooked, since I feel a great appeal to be part of this field (No. I won't have the power to take your kids away, much to contrary belief. Sorry. XD). I do not know when I'll be ready to get back into drumming, but hopefully it will be soon, yes? Well, many thanks to all who bothered to read this. Best regards.

Pocket-full-of-gold 06-03-2011 07:57 AM

Re: Soul searching (Somewhat).
Straying from god = good (with two disclaimers: Firstly, if it causes you to think for yourself, then what can be wrong with that? And second, this is my opinion only.....which means very little, yet is no more or less valid than the next man's)

Straying from drums = bad. I did it too mate. Walked away from pretty much everything for about 5 years. Oh, how I regret it now. Keep your hat in the ring at least.

Bo Eder 06-03-2011 08:41 AM

Re: Soul searching (Somewhat).
Well, I hope you find whatever it is that you're looking for. But as PFOG states, I would not stray away from something that makes you happy. Unless, of course, drumming does not make you happy.

baodes 06-04-2011 08:24 AM

Re: Soul searching (Somewhat).
Oh, I have no problem whatsoever with my atheism. Admittedly, it just might just hurt my chances with the opposite sex. Eh, then again, they were never that big to begin with. X]

Well, I am still taking drum classes, even though my eagerness has dimmed somewhat. I am working mainly with the pad (I currently go to the drum set only when the material at my classes dictates for it.) To be honest, I hate playing alone, even playing along to songs doesn't do it for me. I guess it is my fault for not putting myself out there, so I'll have to fix that.

Pollyanna 06-04-2011 09:11 AM

Re: Soul searching (Somewhat).
Is it a stigma in Puerto Rico to be an atheist? How restrictive ... when you're not allowed to own your own beliefs that doesn't leave a lot of room for personal freedom.

Personally, while I was a huge fan of Richard Dawkins's writing on evolutionary biology, until we better understand the nature of consciousness then I can't be anything but agnostic. If we're talking about a big father figure "up there" who hides and then arbitrarily punishes and rewards n the basis of believing ancient texts then, yes, I'm an atheist.

Drumming can come and go. Quite a few people here have had prolonged breaks from drumming. But we eventually came back ... drumming is addictive IMO :)

Jeremy Bender 06-05-2011 05:17 PM

Re: Soul searching (Somewhat).
"...must put aside the alienation, get on with the fascination."

Life is short so use your time and energy wisely my young friend.

Ian Williams 06-05-2011 06:07 PM

Re: Soul searching (Somewhat).
It seems that you are going through a conflict of life goals/objectives. No worries! we all have or had them...follow your heart and DO what you believe in.

Numberless 06-06-2011 12:59 AM

Re: Soul searching (Somewhat).
I don't believe in religion or anything like that and I've never really had a problem with it, then again I live in the metro area where the atmosphere is more liberal, the more rural areas can be more traditional, where you from man? I'm from Guaynabo and I've been playing since 2006.

baodes 06-06-2011 07:40 AM

Re: Soul searching (Somewhat).
Well, I finally finished reading the book. I've got to say that it was a nice read. Shortly afterwards I went on with getting my priorities in order. I suppose I am satisfied for the time being, so I can get back to dedicate more time to my drumming. I don't think being an atheist is that big of a stigma, but the faces of my classmates were priceless when I told them I was an atheist (I was doing a report on said subject.). As for Numberless, I am from Humacao, but I visit Guaynabo often. (to visit mom who works there and sometimes to hit the gym.)

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