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Ian Williams 05-29-2011 05:40 AM

John Bonham vs Sting
Bonham almost stepped on Sting's head!...hilarious!

John Bonham Once Threatened To Beat Up Sting:


DrumEatDrum 05-29-2011 05:48 AM

Re: John Bonham vs Sting
I've heard many stories that John had a terrible temper when he was drunk.

Pollyanna 05-29-2011 06:54 AM

Re: John Bonham vs Sting
So Bonzo steps on Sting's foot and then threatens to beat him up ... and Jason reckons Sting was the one with a punk attitude haha

keep it simple 05-29-2011 10:06 AM

Re: John Bonham vs Sting
Great story Ian, I can picture the scene. Backstage can be a squash, especially when a "just made it big" band has all it's hangers on milling around. I'm sure John had his "been there, done it, got the T shirt" head on that day.

dantheman 05-29-2011 11:08 AM

Re: John Bonham vs Sting
Jason Bonham freely admits that his dad was a loose cannon when he drank and that Jason himself tried his best to live up to that image (see "that metal show" episode with Jason Bonham as the main guest.)

Ian Williams 05-29-2011 06:53 PM

Re: John Bonham vs Sting
Yep! show business is something else...I think John (hand-carrying Jason) when straight to the point but Sting blew it away with...donīt you step on my blue suede shoes!...and then running back to mummy, mummy - Big John is going to hit me! ;-)

mediocrefunkybeat 05-29-2011 07:37 PM

Re: John Bonham vs Sting
I don't think there are winners on either side of that story.

criz p. critter 05-29-2011 09:42 PM

Re: John Bonham vs Sting
If you ask me, wanting to beat up Sting is a natural, rational kinda feeling to have.
(only 1/2 kidding...)

Pocket-full-of-gold 05-30-2011 12:40 AM

Re: John Bonham vs Sting
I wanna see the context within which Jason was speaking. From reading the article, I'm not getting any angst from John.....Jason's quote "It was hilarious" makes me think there was more tongue-in-cheek than violence involved here. No doubting that Bonzo couldn't handle his piss (or could handle way too much of it, depending how you see it), but in this case I'm reading it as a joke.

Ever told one of your best mates you were gonna kick their arse in good humour? My circle of friends throw offensive insults at one another daily....hell, it happens with my work crowd too. No-one take it seriously and nor should they.

I don't think Sting was in the least concerned about his blue suede shoes and nor do I think Bonzo was ever gonna throw one. I'm calling a good natured ribbing and nothing worth getting worked up over.

Now...as for him taking a dump in some bird's handbag? Well, that's another story........

MikeM 05-30-2011 07:13 AM

Re: John Bonham vs Sting
I'm just glad this didn't turn out to be another vs thread like - was Bonham a better drummer than Sting was a singer/bass player? That coulda got ugly!

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