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rogue_drummer 05-09-2011 11:57 PM

Hosting a fundraiser
Hey guys, about three months ago, my fiance' and I were talking about her niece who successfully battled stomach cancer at 16. She's now 23 with a two year old son and she has been diagnosed with a blood disease which causes the blood not to clot properly. She's married but her husband is in a job that provides no medical insurance for spouses, kids, etc.

So half joking and half serious, I suggested we could host a fundraiser at a local bar where my old band used to rehease to raise some funds. After talking it through a bit, we decided to go for it.

I secured a place in town - a really cool vintage records store with an amazing back yard area with a covered stage and plenty of room for lawn chairs, blankets, etc. The owner has about 8 picnic tables. He's letting us use it free of charge in exhange for advertising space on our flyers.

I have 4 bands lined up. One is an acoustic act, one is a classic/southern rock band, another is a pop/rock/jazz fusion act, and the headliner is a local southern rock band gaining in popularity in the area. We're good friends with the leader of the headliner.

I was upfront about the payout: the fundraiser and the bands split the $10.00 cover 50/50. It's going to be BYOB and we'll have a free keg of beer until it runs out. The booking agent from one of the bands playing may be able to get catered BBQ or Mexican food in exhange for free advertising.

I called a good friend who plays lead guitar to run sound. We'll use the combination PA system from the record shop (amp plus 2 speakers and poles and 2 mics) and my friend's PA system (amp plus 2 speakers, poles, and 3 mics).

All bands know to bring their own gear, nothing is backlined and each band plays for 1 hour, with about 1/2 hour in between for load in and load out.

The reponse on FB has been excellent and each band is advertising on their FB page. So far, people are getting behind this thing 100%. One of the members of the headliner band told us already the fundraiser can keep his share of the proceeds. The first band plays a 6 pm on a Saturday and the last finishes up at or around 11 pm.

Is there anything else I need to consider that may blindside me? Anyone else have experience putting on this type of gig? It's for the fans and followers of the bands, plus I wil put up flyers at strategic locations around the area, so it's open to the public. The owner is cool with us doing it as long as we provide a Porta John and we clean up. We'll also probably have several items to raffle off as well.....

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