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Stalwart_Pandora-Chris 04-17-2011 03:15 AM

Funny interview of my friend Josh (done by me)

Thought this would be funny to upload, this was my friend Josh (who plays snare drum)'s interview of an acoustic gig he played this week. There are video's of him too!

P.S. Please excuse our accent, we're Scottish haha!

Here are english translations

How was your gig tonight Josh? It was alright
Were you nervous?- I was ******** it!
Really?- Yeah! Check my pants!
What made you chose those songs?- Why not other ones! - Cause I can't play any other songs
In time? -Nah, couldn't be bothered
Why didn't you pick Caught Up by Fall Of Troy - Cause it's ****?
So Josh, who's your favourite band at the moment? - I have alot of favourite bands
whats the best live band? - Stalwart Pandora1
Do you like Delgado (my other band) - (Rock on)
You coming to see Delgado on Sunday Night? 5 a ticket? - Maybe!
Thanks Josh - This is getting gay now! Bye

Hahaha, pretty funny. We call him Milkybar Kid, he looks like the kid from the Milkybar advert and his guitar is also called Milkybar Kid (Don't ask why haha).

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