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westerlu77 12-27-2010 11:17 PM

Record drums with iPhone 4
I have a iPhone 4 and I want to record music, drums with quite loud volume in stereo.
I want to have a portable mic so I can easy have it in my pocket. Some suggestions please!
Blue Mickey is a quite good choice but it doesn't work with iPhone 4..

razorx 12-27-2010 11:50 PM

Re: Record drums with iPhone 4
Look up some USB microphones. They are cheap and work great.

Acustom 06-06-2012 07:03 PM

Re: Record drums with iPhone 4
You can also mount your phone to the drumset

rdb 06-06-2012 11:15 PM

Re: Record drums with iPhone 4
What about these Tascam products?

DestinationDrumming 06-12-2012 11:14 PM

Re: Record drums with iPhone 4
I use a Zoom H1 to record rehearsals. It's easy to use (one button record) and has adjustable input level and stereo mics. I've tried lots of 'general' recorders but they haven't been able to handle the range of frequencies or volumes.
I just set the H1 to record and record everything (4 hour slot with a tea break in the middle) and then use wave pad sound editor (freeware) to split the file into songs and trim them. It's the best thing I've ever had for making recordings...highly recommended.

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