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2bsticks 08-22-2010 09:50 PM

Hello All,

Last night I had the pleasure of opening up for the original Crickets. I met J.I Allison after their show and I need to say he was the nicest man. Here is a man who has been there from Rock & Roll's early days. He went out of his way with the fans. While I was going to my van to pack up the car that brought the Crickets from the airport was parked next to mine. J.I called my by name over to him. He pulled out a CD "The Crickets & Their Buddies"
and gave me a copy after he and the rest of the band signed it.
Joe B. Mauldin (Bass) and Sonny Curtis (Guitar) were also very nice.

They played about an hour show, just the three of them. No back up musicians.

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