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That Guy 05-19-2010 07:52 AM

A cryptic Kilroy for the new millennium.
Throughout the history of time a number of great (and perhaps not so great) civilizations have all but disappeared from the face of the earth. The biggest mystery civilization of all is probably the alleged lost continent of Atlantis. Where did it go? Watery grave? Outer space? Archaeologists have no idea. Rudolf Steiner has his suspicions. But heck if anyone really knows and it might all just be a myth perpetrated by the great Greek prankster Plato. Jerk. Anyway, that was the past. The Maya, the Olmec, the Anasazi good job, good riddance and good night. But what about more present time disappearances? Amelia Earhart, D.B. Cooper and Jimmy Hoffa are but a few that have left a fantastic legacy behind where their footsteps suddenly vanished, but it would appear that now a whole new mystery is afoot: What has become of That Guy?

Have I disappeared down this portal into the frontal lobe of John Malkovich?

For all intents and purposes... yes!

First things first! Hello to all you internet beings that I regularly associated with amongst these parts. I hope that you all are doing well. Things have really taken a 180 degree turn in my life. Since the economy landed me in a spot where I was unemployed, went through a divorce and lost my home I took it as a chance to persue interest in childhood fantasies never endeavoured. With great surprise things started to work out quickly and I found myself making progress with little effort, much like the inertia of a wheel rolling down a hill. Connections were made, meetings arranged, and I found myself in a very fortunate spot... one that I always thought of as being distant and unattainable. Persistence, timing, luck? Whatever it is... I was in the right spot!

Before I get too far into that, nothing is set in stone so I'm not going to go much further into it. Just trying to be patient and see how things pan out. Sorry for the vagueness in my description but a little more time needs to pass.

Anyways, I still lurk around but I don't really say much. I just enjoy reading the opinions and knowledge of the community as a whole. It sure has become a beast in it's own right. I will still continue to read but I doubt my participation will be anything like it was previously.

That's about it for now, just wanted to put this out there for those that are interested.

To keep abreast of all the happenings and whatnot related to the world of That Guy, seek me out on Facebook, Twitter & Myspace. I would love to hear from my old/new associates if any of you participate in the dark realm of social networks.




aydee 05-19-2010 10:51 AM

Re: A cryptic Kilroy for the new millennium.
CORY!!!!!! I miss you, man!!! I hope the bad stuff is behind you, and your doing well!


That Guy 05-19-2010 07:14 PM

Re: A cryptic Kilroy for the new millennium.
Greetings Abe! Missed you too, buddy. Yes, things are moving along in a positive direction and hopefully continue to do so. I've had quite an interesting time this past six months. Met some really nice people, ran on full throttle with some endeavors, found somewhat steady work and just tried to keep things as simple as possible. Been reading a lot of your posts and will continue to do so. You're a great asset to this forum.

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