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KBadd 05-11-2010 01:37 AM

Egotistical lead guitar players
Please let me hear your stories and tall tales of your EGOtistical lead guitar players. C'mon, we can take it.

muckypops 05-11-2010 01:48 AM

Re: Egotistical lead guitar players
uh, yeah lead guitar players are egotistical.

BuddhaTrixie 05-11-2010 01:58 AM

Re: Egotistical lead guitar players
I got 2 guitarists, one plays bass, but he never wants to live. But both guitarists are very good and work together except for when we were performing Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix. Before the first guitarist's solo, he boosted up the volume pretty loud. When he was done, he happened to "forget" to turn it down when the solo turned over to the other guitarist. A lot of the audience noticed and made remarks about it to us after.

bog_72 05-11-2010 02:11 AM

Re: Egotistical lead guitar players
I have played guitar for many many years,but never bought into the competitive side that so many seem to get into music for.I have though been around several guitarists,that are just too hard to cope with.The type that every thing the band does,turns it into something of a chore.Then after all the drama,doesnt show up for the gig on friday night,because theyre not "feeling it".

But at the same time,I have met drummers that would make any egotistical guitarist look like a saint.The guy that wont practice because one of his resonant heads are busted.The guy that wont practice if he doesnt have some weed.Seriously,ive seen my old drummer pack it up at practice for the sickest reasons.

of course theres the singer that only shows up for gigs.Hes above having to practice,and hes the first person to butcher the set.

Guess my point is,that Bass players are always pretty laid back lol.

Drums101 05-11-2010 02:19 AM

Re: Egotistical lead guitar players
My obnoxious bass player started saying that jazz drummers, "Only sometimes get in the groove."
I'm not sure what that means but then he said that there bad and so I yelled at him explaining how he doesn't know anything about jazz or drums.

KBadd 05-11-2010 02:57 AM

Re: Egotistical lead guitar players
Good so far....WANT MORE!

Deathmetalconga 05-11-2010 03:07 AM

Re: Egotistical lead guitar players

Originally Posted by KBadd (Post 698929)
Good so far....WANT MORE!

Me too! Why don't you tell us some of your stories?

KBadd 05-11-2010 03:43 AM

Re: Egotistical lead guitar players
This coming Saturday's gig----1 acoustic act and 4 live bands...we headline and close......I send the 20 song set (knowing we will cut some songs)......he says "I can't play that long blah blah...wah wah"

Much more that is too much to write tonite.

Pollyanna 05-11-2010 04:01 AM

Re: Egotistical lead guitar players
I made a bad faux pas when I was younger (I'm sure you're shocked). The boyfriend of a good of mine became a jamming mate. He was a super-hot lead player who could nail Al Di Meola shreds as though it was easy. He had zero taste, though, and could sit there shredding until the cows came home.

I was playing in a punkish new wave band at the time and invited this guy to come along for a jam. About halfway through the first song, where Peter had shifted to endless shredding mode, the band's guitarist simply put down his guitar and walked away and left him to it.

To say I felt awkward, embarrassed and guilty was an understatement. I just wanted to crawl into my bass drum and never come out. Later the band's guitarist had a few choice words for me. Live and learn ...

I've been lucky and never played in a band with an egotistical lead guitarist. There was one guy who was capable of playing guitar hero and could play blistering solos, but always with the band egging him on. He was a very unassuming guy and, if we didn't push him, he'd be happy to play support (and do it beautifully) from go to whoa. A lovely guy but, sadly, also highly unstable and untogether.

rogue_drummer 05-11-2010 11:04 PM

Re: Egotistical lead guitar players
I had a church minister of music leave to go back to his own church and this great guy and musician was replaced by the most egotistical, obnoxious, rock star wannbe guitar player this side of the universe. The dude didn't know an eighth note from his a$$hole, but he sure could tell others what to do. Even though he couldn't lead a band to save his life, the way he kept his job was to brown-nose his boss - the pastor of the church. It was pretty much obvious he thought he was hot sh*t, yet he got confused when I played anything other than straight 4/4 simple rock beats with the snare on 2 and 4 and the bass on 1 and 3. What really pissed me off was when he wanted me out of his band so he could bring in his good friend (I later learned that was his plan all along, but he had to wait a few months to make it look ok), the prick didn't even have the balls to tell me. He had to get one of the guitar players to do it. And instead of answering my email questions on why he let me go and what was my weakest thing, he instead sent the cops after me for "harrassing" him. Guy was a total prick.

And another story about a bass player from my recent band. I always was asking him if what I was playing fit into what he was playing as we are the rhythm section and need to gel and sound good. The jerk always to me NOT to follow him, but follow the singer and rhythm guitar player. The a$$hole never did anything to help promote the band, never bought any group equipment, never offered to reimburse for group expenses. Basically he just did nothing but sit on his ass and play bass and offer his opinion on everything. Then the dick lead the charge to fire me by telling the leader it's either him or me. And seeing as how we were to play an major gig less than a week later, a drummer is easier to replace sometimes than a bass player, He knew several drummers who could sub at the last minute, so he pushed for my firing. The leader didn't want to loose him since he had been with the band longer than I had been. So I was fired because of his huge EGO.

zambizzi 05-11-2010 11:28 PM

Re: Egotistical lead guitar players
Why is it that I have, so far, gotten along famously with guitar players...no matter how good they are? The two that I've spent the longest playing with could go anywhere and play anything...yet chose to stick it out with me. Zero ego, all respect and humility. Awesome guys.

Bass players on the other hand, have been a terrible experience for me. Case and point; the guy I play with now. Doesn't practice outside of band rehearsal...says, "I don't do practice, it's not my thing." He'll crank his amp up until the walls are crumbling, so he can be over-the-top and heard in the next county. It's not like the rest of the band matters, anyhow. After the first couple months of "dumb drummer" jokes, it became harder to laugh it off. This guy really thinks drummers are dumb...*all* drummers, by virtue of their chosen instrument. The irony is lost on him, obviously. He shows up drunk, won't listen to the rest of the band, and generally gets under my skin.

I've played w/ 3 or 4 bassists who can seriously lay it down, including this fellow. All of them have been ego-fanatical jackasses, so far. The ones with a good attitude are the ones who can't do much beyond going w/ the groove.

That's just my little experience in my little corner of the universe.

GRUNTERSDAD 05-11-2010 11:38 PM

Re: Egotistical lead guitar players
The title is an Oxy-moron. They are all egotistical.

Deathmetalconga 05-12-2010 12:56 AM

Re: Egotistical lead guitar players
There is nothing wrong with having a big ego per se, as long as you have the skills to back it up and you know the proper place for your ego. Someone with a big but healthy ego will be confident, mature, willing to work with others, intolerant of incompetence, willing to work hard and able to do what the music needs.

They will still have an attitude about them, but when it comes to the music, they perform and excel. They know they're good and they're not afraid to let others know - by actually demonstrating their talent in the right time and place. I think this kind of big ego is common among all successful musicians.

KBadd 05-12-2010 01:56 AM

Re: Egotistical lead guitar players
Great responses!

Yes, ego is healthy. It is necessary as well. My guitar player and I get along at all times and he is my friend. I disagree with certain things he says and does but as I have told our band several times; "Synergy brings all our thoughts together. If we all agree on everything....4 out of 5 of us are useless".

I brought this up to see what others go through.

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