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mcbike 02-02-2010 07:54 AM

Your hourly freelance rate calculator

I found this interesting online tool where you can figure out your ideal hourly rate for freelancing and thought it was an interesting thing to look at in relation to drumming.

I put in all my information and set it up for drumming as a full time job. for how many days a week do you work I put 3, which is the amount of days I gigged per week last year. 150-160 shows a year.

Anyways when it was all said and done it said my ideal hourly rate is 25.82 which is roughly $200 dollars a gig. (I put 8 hours in as a typical music work day, 8x25=200) Pretty funny becuase that is really close to what I usually get for a gig between 200-250.

Pretty interesting stuff. I would say my minimum is $25 an hour with a minimum 4 hours for a gig.

It really should be more $ than that though because I don't really have insurance, accountants, or legal fees which I probably do need. I also don't have savings for retirement. I also spend more money on gear than I should.

Play around with that calculator I would be interested to find out what other peoples results are and how close their actual pay is to their ideal pay.

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