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jayharrison 11-16-2009 10:16 PM

Tobias Ralph
hey guys!

i'm new to this site as i'm a relatively 'new' drummer. decided to get more serious about it lately so i made the trip to indianapolis for pasic this year (always loved music - started dabbling on the guitar, then tried bass but realized i always really wanted to drum, so i'm a late bloomer- just for some background on me). anyway, pasic was an awesome scene!!

wanted to tell you guys that i caught tobias ralph's clinic on friday. he is freakin' great! he came out and played to a track then played a blistering solo - but not just wild and crazy - really musical and tight. then he broke down techniques in a really cool way and showed how to build on simple rudiments into some really incredible things. he can rock and groove and made it all look so easy.

trying to find more stuff on him... really talented and really nice guy. i talked to him afterwards and he's real approachable too.

by the way, this is a cool site and really helpful! thanks!

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