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ddrummerz 10-29-2009 04:50 PM

Drums On Rock Band
Hey everyone, I am new here as you can tell so hi...again.

Anyway, has anyone else ever noticed that on the game Rock Band, when you are playing drums you have to be rushing almost half a beat to be on time for the game? I find this really annoying and it helps accomplish the game's goal of completely murdering what drumming is all together.

Mr. Pasquini 10-29-2009 06:34 PM

Re: Drums On Rock Band
you can run setup to change that. My advice is to NOT play rock band, it takes away your humanity.

All hail the computer god!!

caddywumpus 10-29-2009 07:45 PM

Re: Drums On Rock Band
Are you playing with a wireless controller? I played Rock Band once (with much nudging), and played "Say it Ain't So". I failed miserably. I tried it again, and realized that I had to play a FULL SIXTEENTH NOTE AHEAD in order for it to register. After I figured this out, it was pretty cake, but a little bit of a challenge, because it became more of a permutation exercise than a play-along track.

The owner of the game said that it was because he had the wireless drum pads set up. He hooked up the one with the cable, and it worked fine-ish (you still had to play a "little" ahead, but not a full 16th note...sheesh!)

I don't think that Rock Band is murdering drummers. On the contrary, I've had several new students that got into drumming because of Rock Band. It gave them the interest, some practice, and the confidence to pursue drums as a hobby. On the same note, my nephew played guitar poorly until Guitar Hero came out. Then, he actually got a lot of practice with moving his fingers from playing the game, went online and found the tabs for the songs on the game, and figured out how to play them legitimately, and with good time and feel. I was blown away how much better he got every time I saw him. (granted, I think he plays video games too much, but at least it's leading to something more creative). Now, he plays in a band at his high school, and he's getting to be a good player. He just needs some experience with the things that Rock Band will never be able to teach him (working a crowd, stage presence, gear settings, etc...)

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