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LouisianaJim 03-27-2009 04:11 PM

John Macaluso
John is probably the drummer who has inspired me the most over the last two or three years. When I heard the first Ark album, I was blown away by his licks; it was like someone dropped the best fusion and classic metal drummers into a blender, set it on puree, and then sat the result down behind a drum set. That made me go out and look for as much other Macaluso stuff as I could find, and I haven't been disappointed yet. John's recent effort fronting The Union Underground, "The Radio Waves Goodbye," has some of the best progressive rock drumming I've heard in years. Double bass, monster fills, cool linear grooves and odd-time beats; it's all there. The 7/8 intro to the "Soul In Your Mind" has, in short order, become one of my favorite grooves of all time.

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