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Jonesy 03-01-2009 03:22 AM

Mike Novak
Anyone here listen to Every Time I Die? If so, what do you think of Novak?

Personally, I think he's solid as hell and plays some really unique and tasteful stuff. The music definitely isn't for everybody, but I think it'll be hard to deny this guy's talent.

Fast, tight, musical, and great chops are definitely the four adjectives I'd use to describe Mike Novak.

Comments please!

drummingman 03-01-2009 04:04 AM

Re: Every Time I Die! (Mike Novak "Ratboy" Novak)
i also like his drumming. it really fits the bands music.

mrbean27 04-09-2012 04:41 PM

Re: Mike Novak
I love Mike Novak! Sucks that he's not with ETID anymore, but I'm glad that didn't stop them. Anybody know what his set up was? (drums and cymbals)

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