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bksdrums 02-09-2009 11:11 PM

band members
I am in a band that has grown pretty popular in the area we are in. We are actually in the process of moving to other areas of the state and the few shows we have done in these other areas have proved to be successful. the only problem i have is that we have been playing the same songs for 3 years. I mean we have learned a few but when i say a few i mean in this 3 year span since we started we have pretty learned 15 new songs and im being generous. We all live in the same town except our singer, he lives about 30 miles away. We paid a good bit of money for a rehearsal space where we live and the singer never showed up. Ok he had to spend his gas money and everything so I kind of understand. Last month we stopped paying for the rehearsal space and decided to practice at his house. So now three of us have to drive instead of one but at least we were practicing and learning new songs, right. Wrong. We had 2 practices and between those 2 4 hour or longer practices we only came out with one song and the past 3 practices we scheduled he has cancelled. I'm getting fed up but dont know what i can do. Is anyone been in this type of situation or does anyone have any advice? Any help is greatly appreciated.

bojangleman 02-09-2009 11:57 PM

Re: band members
new singer? nothing against singers, but they don't have to haul anything.(in most cases)
he should be the one traveling. 30 miles isn't to far. that's less than 4 gallons of fuel for most cars..


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