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Tutin 01-24-2009 06:15 PM

Anyone reccomend a soundcard?
'Sup everybody?

Well it was my birthday on the 20th, and I got about 120 in money from relatives and such, and I'm thinking about buying an external soundcard for recording with. I have cubase 3 SX and Ableton Live 6, but there are so many soundcards out there and I'm not really sure what I should go for. I'm looking for a USB connection and about 4 inputs.

Thanks guys, happy new year and such.


Drum-Head 01-24-2009 07:23 PM

Re: Anyone reccomend a soundcard?
Hum... USB with four inputs. As far as I'm concerned I'd stay away from anything that is USB unless you are only recording one track (maybe two) at a time. For anything else, go for Firewire or PCI.

I have to be honest though - for 120 I think it would be better to save up some more, I'm afraid you won't get anything very good for that money (that I'm aware of). Even the okay/decent gear like the Presonus Audiobox (USB, 2 I/O) is already about that price. I recently bought myself a Presonus FP10 (Firewire 8 I/O) just to record demos and mess around. It's one of the cheapest converters of its type and that was already about 370€ (approx 340).

With audio gear you have to keep in mind that you get what you pay for - the more expensive, the better.

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