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jimtyler 12-29-2008 04:44 PM

Pro quality web page design
While visiting family over Christmas, I found that my nephew (29?) has started a new web design company. He showed me a couple of samples of what he has done for artists and quite frankly I was blown away. I've seen lots of drum/band related websites and his was far superior to anything out there. Other web pages almost have a garage band feel to them, while this truly was professional in every way.
I asked if he was interested in doing bands, and he said he already was working on one for a band out of Florida.
The name of the company is FincelDesign, http://www.finceldesign.com
and it does web design (unbelievable), logo design, corporate identity, domain registration, web hosting/marketing. If you are in a touring band, doing any self promotions as a clinician, or just trying to get your name out there, this is definitely something to check out. Jim

That Guy 12-29-2008 04:47 PM

Re: Pro quality web page design
Very nice, it probably took him alot of time to write that code. I'm learning PHP coding as well so I definately appreciate what he created. Is your nephew into (C) coding or .NET? Did he mention any (C) coding involved on this page?

jimtyler 12-29-2008 05:21 PM

Re: Pro quality web page design
I know absolutely nothing about web design/construction so you would have to ask him. He showed me a phenominal page for a glass-blowing artist he had done,,it was 3D with revolving links, VERY cool.

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