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Tylerdrums109 11-27-2008 01:55 AM

Cab Out Vs Send?
From what i understand the difference is that a cab out has power to run the speakers.....send is simply for effects and is a non powered out...now would it be possible to build a cab out for an amplifier if so how could you do so?...right now i have a single speaker flextone amplifier that has no cab out...only a send...i wish to do something about this....all help is appreciated...btw thanks to the guys that helped me out with the speaker issue...i got a new speaker for my flextone and the problem has subsided...got me a red coat the wizard =]...but yeah any help on this topic guys?

bojangleman 11-27-2008 02:20 AM

Re: Cab Out Vs Send?
well, you would basically be taking the wires that plug into the speaker you have now, and plugging them into a converter, then into the cab...

is your amp an open back?

let me draw a picture to explain..haha


i cant find a link to a converter..but ive seen it done before.....its a converter than joins the 2 wires plugging into your speaker into a 1/4th jack that you plug into the cabinet..


Tylerdrums109 11-28-2008 02:20 AM

Re: Cab Out Vs Send?
Anyway to run both the speaker in the amplifier and the cabinet?...that would be most benifitial to me but it is good to know i could run just a cabinet

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