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stevedrum 09-25-2008 10:38 PM

Need Help !!
Hi Everyone,

Apart from being a drummer I am very interested in Music Business and would like to get into artist management someday. I read about it and I also study marketing. I would like to ask, does anyone know what's the right age to start doing this?

rogue_drummer 09-26-2008 04:55 PM

Re: Need Help !!
Wow! You're quite brave and that seems to be a good profession to get into, but also very competitive. I don't know a whole lot about artist management, but it seems it would be like any othe type of business, as in you must know advertising and marketing, some accounting and bookkeeping, some IT, have good interpersonal skills to get along and negotiate for your clients. Also study and know some business law to understand the art of negotiating and how business contracts are written. In other words, take as many business classes as you can, learn how to work with and negotiate with others to reach a good agreement beneficial to all, etc.

As for managing artists and/or bands, the only thing I know and can suggest is try representing and/or managing as many bands as you can in your area as you can. Start locally, then after you have some experience, try progressing to the regional artists or bands if possible. Get you name out there and have good references and a good resume of folks you've managed and represented. Get your name out to the clubs, centers, and any other venue in your area. Another idea is to try and intern with whatever venue or big club is in your area to gain experience. May not pay much or not at all, but at least you will get some experience. Not sure about the age, but it seems any age would be fine to start learning the biz.

Good luck!!

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