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Lee Mangano 03-17-2008 12:41 AM

Lee Mangano
Thank you Bernhard for posting me on your Wishlist, I am so honored to be a part of DRUMMERWORLD among the absolute greatest musicians in the World.

This recognition by far is my most cherished accomplishment, and I have a song on the "Transformers" Movie Soundtrack that has sold over 15,000,000 Million CD's and DvD's worldwide, but this is the "Drum World".

I have alot of fun meeting drummers around the world through my thread "Post your Greatest Weakness" and it has been pretty successful in the top 12 replies in the "Techniques" section of the forum,,,

Again Bernhard, and I speak for every drummer...we all appreciate this opportunity and everything you have created for the World of Drummers...your an inspiration to the music industry.

Lee Mangano
Drum School



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