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the gayge 03-06-2008 12:28 AM

Matt Wilson
Does anyone know where to get an up to date discography for Matt Wilson? I know he was on at least one Dewey Redman record and some stuff with Jane-Ira Bloom, Charlie Haden, and Lee Konitz. I just don't know which records and I'd love to dig up more of his playing.
If anyone could help I would really appreciate it. Thanks and take care.

bballdrummer34 03-06-2008 12:32 AM

Re: Matt Wilson
Search matt wilson's Arts and Crafts Band thats him with Terrell Staford and other killin musicians also. Just a few a the many albums he's on though.

the gayge 03-06-2008 07:41 PM

Re: Matt Wilson
Yeah, I have "The Scenic Route." Great album. Terrell Stafford is one of my favorite players. I was looking for more of the stuff with him as a sideman though.

brittc89 03-14-2008 01:26 AM

Re: Matt Wilson
I have a ted nash album with matt wilson on it. I like it a lot. Its called Still Evolved.

OceanDirt 03-14-2008 01:33 AM

Re: Matt Wilson
i assume you've checked allmusic already, but on the off chance you haven't:


can't verify that it's completely current, but seems like it's there.

the gayge 03-14-2008 05:20 PM

Re: Matt Wilson
Man, I didn't even think about allmusic. Thanks Ocean.

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