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volume_3 01-01-2008 11:55 PM

M<>S - Heart of Darkness
Hi guys.

Its says in the "Your Place" section you can post music, but none of the sections really fit unless its music inwhich you play drums.

Well today i released my second "EP/Album" which is a 37min, 1 song, 4 part, drone, ambient, drone doom song.

Im very proud of it.

If you like Sunn O))), Boris, Bass Communion, KTL or Jean Michel Jarre, the likely hood is you may possibly like this.

If you do download it please do it justice by listening to it through good headphones, be warned, it made my iPod headphones buzz, and speakers dont give you half the effect it should have.
Also i would love to hear feedback.

OK, www.myspace.com/mikerts

Its the second release in the About Me section, unfortunately it is hosted on Megaupload.

If you like it try my 1st release aswell, Quatrieme Jour, its very Sunn O))) again.


Sorry if this is in the wrong place

And Happy New Year everyone.


EDIT: Oh! and its based on the artwork of Cornelia Parker, so if you like it have a gander at her work, the title is the title of one her latest installation pieces.

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