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Kirsh 12-06-2007 05:11 AM

Pete Lockett
I found no thread talking about him, such a versatile percussionist can play anything he wants. i have also heard some songs of his own CD's and they blew me away also Bill Brufurod played with him and of course many others.
so this is Pete Lockett's thread all you have to say about him write it here

Garvin 12-06-2007 02:44 PM

Re: Pete Lockett
Odd, I could've sworn there was a Pete Lockett thread at some point... Oh well.

Yeah, Pete is an awesome percussionist. I think someone on this forum refferred me to his website when I was looking for something... Oh, now I remember. I was looking at martillo rhythms for Bongo, and found that Pete had a ton of other stuff as well. Lots of great videos and sound clips. I even discovered the Kanjira on his page which is an awesome little frame drum from India. Yeah, definately a monster drummer/percussionist!

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