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MSPaintClock 10-20-2007 05:36 PM

Jim Fox

If I did it wrong, just delete this thread. I want to discuss this drummer from James Gang.

Davey 10-21-2007 01:33 AM

Re: Jim Fox
I love James Gang. Played to death on the radio in my native Cleveland when I was growing up, and we even planned to see them at the Beacon Theater in NYC as a part of my bachelor party last year (unfortunately, that component of the party ended up not happening).

I always thought Fox nailed a really good funky/hippie/acid rock groove.

ellenvannin105 10-22-2007 08:13 AM

Re: Jim Fox
I second that motion. I still think the James Gang are incredible and so is Jim Fox. He's the only other drummer in the early Seventies,other than Bobby Colomby and Bobby Caldwell,(of Captain Beyond,) who could do the "Bonham Triplets" as fast as Bonham himself. Just check out the drum solo on the live version of "Lost Woman;" half of it is being done with his bass drum foot.I don't think that there is anyone who sounds like him,a very unique talent...

MSPaintClock 10-22-2007 01:04 PM

Re: Jim Fox
IN the video, Jim Fox hits some of his drums by making a circular whipping motion as if he was cooking something. It's obvious that he was cooking awesome but do you guys think there's any reason why he does it?

bonzolead 10-22-2007 03:28 PM

Re: Jim Fox
Cool Thread,
I always liked Jim Fox's playing very underated drummer IMO.always liked "Walk Away",
"Funk #49" they were a really cool 3-piece group.

Keep Swatting,

MSPaintClock 10-24-2008 07:46 PM

Re: Jim Fox
Okay this thread is about a year old now, it's time to revive it, please people share information with me about Jim Fox.

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