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Bernhard 10-10-2007 07:47 AM

Travis Barker - Tony Williams
Great transcripitions with Sound:

Travis Barker: Adam's Song


Tony Williams: Red Mask




Big_Philly 10-10-2007 10:51 AM

Re: Travis Barker - Tony Williams
Wow, that's some interesting stuff! I think I liked Tony Williams' groove the most, but both are good practise material! Thanks Bernhard!

Drummer Karl 10-10-2007 01:36 PM

Re: Travis Barker - Tony Williams
Wow, both are great transcriptions! Though for me especially the Tony Williams groove is interesting. Good practice stuff indeed!

haha, and for "Adam`s song" I didn`t actually notice that it is a lick, I thought it would be something kinda random...


fourstringdrums 10-10-2007 02:35 PM

Re: Travis Barker - Tony Williams
Wow, the Tony lick is great. I'm considering getting this book, but it's a bit pricey. The Barker lick was not bad although it sounds better played on its own. In context with the song I wasn't as interested by it.

That Guy 10-10-2007 03:27 PM

Re: Travis Barker - Tony Williams
Thanks Bern, both transcrips are great. Tony's looks really fun to play... a little tricky with the snare, but I'm sure most will master it fairly quickly. Barker's is complex and it will be more of a challenge.

Time to play.

stasz 10-11-2007 04:36 AM

Re: Travis Barker - Tony Williams
I better get the chance to play some this weekend, 'cause that Tony Williams groove is gonna be stuck in the neighbors' head if I can do anything about it. Thanks for adding the grooves/transcriptions B, looks like some great woodshed material.

slingerland755 10-11-2007 06:20 PM

Re: Travis Barker - Tony Williams
Tony Williams...YES YES YES!

Travis Barker....Good groove, but the tune's not for me.

Thanks again Bernhard!!

yammiefan 12-26-2007 03:57 AM

Re: Travis Barker - Tony Williams
Anything that keeps Tony Williams's name and memory alive is great in my book.

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