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jayp 07-11-2007 06:29 PM

Streaming Jazz?
The office I work at is pretty strict with their internet and they don't allow for much internet activity(games, flash, quicktime!) but I seem to be able to stream music from windows media player and windows media embeded into websites.

My question is... Do any of you out there know of any good Jazz stations that are streaming? I use to listen at KCSM in San Fran but for some reason it hasn't been working lately and im dying for my jazz.

Just Drums 07-11-2007 06:45 PM

Re: Streaming Jazz?
www.Pandora.com. Great site!

jayp 07-11-2007 07:03 PM

Re: Streaming Jazz?
Ahh Groove I know I know but unfortunately I can't use their service from work :-(

Access Denied (policy_denied)

Your organization's Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time.

If you view this message as an error, please call the Customer Care Center at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. or (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

Your request was categorized by Blue Coat Web Filter as 'Streaming Media/MP3s'.
If you wish to question or dispute this result, please click here.

brittc89 07-11-2007 08:59 PM

Re: Streaming Jazz?

Originally Posted by Groove (Post 334224)
www.Pandora.com. Great site!

Thanks! What an awesome website!

murphinelli 07-11-2007 10:27 PM

Re: Streaming Jazz?
Here's some that I listen to:

KJAZZ 88.1: Cal State Long Beach: http://www.jazzandblues.org/programming/listen/

WPFW 89.3: Wash DC Jazz: http://www.wpfw.org/

WHRB 95.3: Harvard Radio Broadcasting: 5am-1pm EST: http://www.whrb.org/

WBGO 88.3: NYC/NJ: http://www.wbgo.org/listennow/index.php

All of these have Windows Media links except for WPFW.

jayp 07-11-2007 10:37 PM

Re: Streaming Jazz?
Thanks murph

KCSM 07-25-2007 09:25 PM

Re: Streaming Jazz?
KCSM has new links to a better sounding more robust streams.

Visit http://www.kcsm.org/jazz91/listen.php for the updated links.

KCSM Engineering

zambizzi 07-25-2007 09:50 PM

Re: Streaming Jazz?
shoutcast.com - a veritable goody-basket of radio stations of every genre.

SLEEPY BRiGHT EYEZ 07-25-2007 11:38 PM

Re: Streaming Jazz?
Click the WWOZ link in my sig.

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