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Thomas 02-05-2007 08:02 PM

Reggae Music
I hear Reggae music all over the place and always seem to get into it in a flash. Yet when it comes to searching for Reggae artists, i dont have a clue to look for, i don't know any names (apart from the obvious Bob Marley ect.).
Could someone give me a low-down on who to search, preferably the new artists, but old will do.


Mapex589 02-05-2007 08:27 PM

Re: Reggae Music
Peter Tosh - "Legalize It" That is a classic reggae album. Try that one!!

Backwards Marathon 02-05-2007 09:01 PM

Re: Reggae Music
i dont know if youd consider this band Reggae, but recently ive been getting into Bedouin Soundclash, i guess theyre kinda Reggae.

GarrettEvans 02-05-2007 09:05 PM

Re: Reggae Music
Why not start with Bob...you'll find no substitute for the Master. He's got lots of great recordings, but if you go live look for sound board stuff.

You might also check out some streaming radio stations that play nothing but Reggae...that way you can make a list of what you like...

My other suggestions...
Black Uhuru
Steel Pulse
Israel Vibrations

But remember, reggae is only one type of music in this vein...also look up Dub, Ska, and others....perhaps Wikipedia is a good place to start.

Cabazon 02-06-2007 12:20 PM

Re: Reggae Music
Steel Pulse is my favorite.
Also check out Burning Spear, he's pretty cool.

TitanSound 02-06-2007 12:32 PM

Re: Reggae Music
Augustus Pablo
King Tubby
Horace Andy
Lee 'Scratch' Perry
Burning Spear

Too name just a few!!

wy yung 02-06-2007 02:27 PM

Re: Reggae Music
There's too many artists to list. You can begin here. http://www.digitaldreamdoor.com/page...ts-reggae.html

GRUNTERSDAD 02-08-2007 03:12 PM

Re: Reggae Music
There is also Jim or Jimmy Cliff, and UB40 although they do mostly covers. If you know anyone who may Have XM Radio channel 101 is all Reggae and could get you some names.

murphinelli 02-08-2007 03:41 PM

Re: Reggae Music
WERS 88.9 in Boston has a Reggae Show 7-10pm week nights called "Rockers". These guys know their Reggae. You can listen to this live online.

Goto: http://www.wers.org/

They have a real-time playlist so you can check songs you like at:


drummartin79 11-01-2007 04:58 PM

Re: Reggae Music
check SLY DUNBAR, he played and play almost with all reggae artists

intooder 11-01-2007 05:04 PM

Re: Reggae Music
How about the top 100 per a google search:


John Lamb 05-24-2008 01:31 AM

Re: Reggae Music
Anyone have a list f the top reggae DRUMMERS? Carlton Barret, Sly Dunbar, ... who else is influential? who played with Toots Maytal, etc?

Muckster 06-04-2008 05:09 PM

Re: Reggae Music
I love Reggae Music! My faves include:

Bob Marley
Steel Pulse
Inner Circle
Black Uhuru
Jimmy Cliff
Peter Tosh

and of course "Dreadnut"

KLittle123 06-04-2008 07:30 PM

Re: Reggae Music
Screw top 100 lists. It's so cliche...

I'd say Burning Spear is my personal fave though.

katman 06-05-2008 07:41 AM

Re: Reggae Music
Burning Spear is great. Check out an album called "Fittest of the fittest"

Lee Perry does some interesting dub stuff, if you're into the more trippy reggae.

And check out poet Linton Kwezi Johnson (LKJ) - he has a great backing band and his dry delivery of his stories makes for great listening.

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