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Mukund 05-19-2014 01:31 PM

My Tama Superstar Hyperdrive :)
Hey everyone :)

I remember posting a thread about which drum set should I buy, Silverstar or Superstar.
Superstar got more votes and hence I went for it.
I'm in love with the Tama,the sound is awesome ! It looks beautiful,elegant,classy and list can go on and on haha .
So here are a few pictures -






Enjoy :)

eclipseownzu 05-19-2014 03:05 PM

Re: My Tama Superstar Hyperdrive :)
I have the same kit, but in a different color. First off, ditch the stock heads, they are garbage. Put a set of two ply clears over single ply clears on the toms and tune it as low as possible. I had to get rid of the 10" tom, I could never get it to tune to my liking, but thats just personal taste. The best part of the kit is the bass drum. Take the blanket out, put a Powerstroke 3 on it and tune it just past wrinkle. You can get some great sounds out of that kit with some patience, tuning skill and the right set of heads.

porter 05-19-2014 06:21 PM

Re: My Tama Superstar Hyperdrive :)
Well, don't just tune it down- experiment through the full range of tunings. I found VERY good results with that kit with G14s over clear 10mil heads, but you'd probably want a G12 on the 10" tom just to graduate the sound a bit.

Powerstroke 3 (or a Force I or an EQ1) should work very well. I always used an Evans EQ pad in the bass drum on the batter head as well. Bass drum was a bit big for me, but I guess it worked.

Mukund 05-21-2014 01:17 PM

Re: My Tama Superstar Hyperdrive :)
Thanks for the tips and ideas guys :)

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