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alparrott 04-19-2014 09:53 PM

Ludwig Atlas Standard hardware - looking for feedback
I'm looking to buy a bit of hardware so that my two kits can co-exist without having to tear one or the other down. Since my "new" drums are Ludwigs, I've been looking at the Atlas Standard line. Seems that Ludwig has really turned its hardware quality around, but most of the feedback on the new Atlas stuff here on the forum has been related to the Pro line, not the Standard line. Anyone got any of the Standard stands, or the Standard kick pedal? How do they stack up compared to the Pro line? (Bermuda, I suspect you've probably got a couple of the stands by now...?)

bermuda 04-19-2014 10:35 PM

Re: Ludwig Atlas Standard hardware - looking for feedback
I've got a couple of the Pro snare stands (with Pillar Clutch) and have played the Pro pedal, but I use vintage flatbase stands in town and a rack on the road, so I'm really not looking at new stands for personal use.

But I can tell you that the new stuff is made well, and while the Standard pedal is nice, I'd go with the Classic, which is the Pro pedal without the baseplate. I rank it up there with the Taye that I endorse. :)


alparrott 04-20-2014 09:23 AM

Re: Ludwig Atlas Standard hardware - looking for feedback
Thanks, Bermuda... I like the look of the Classic pedal, less the price, but we'll see what happens. ...anyone else?

KarlCrafton 04-28-2014 09:02 PM

Re: Ludwig Atlas Standard hardware - looking for feedback
The Standard stands are the same tubing, and basic clamping as the older Modular stands I have.
Beefy, but not actually as heavy as other stands in that range.
They've held up great for 20+ years.

I don't use them these days--I have ATLAS (& DW) flat base stuff for giging. I like the tube size on the Standard, and the weight of them better than the Pro line.

The Aerodyne tilter on the ATLAS line is easy to adjust, the wing nuts are super smooth, and it stays in place very well.

I have the Pro snare stand, and that one is heavy duty. The basket grips are fantastic.

alparrott 05-03-2014 06:19 PM

Re: Ludwig Atlas Standard hardware - looking for feedback
I stopped by Donn Bennett's yesterday and checked out the Standard line in person. (Great folks. Even though I only stop in twice or thrice a year, they remember my name and where I live). They are at least as sturdy as my Yamaha 700s, and the Standard single pedal and hi-hat felt really clean and smooth. Best of all, they are substantial without being too heavy.

I momentarily toyed with the idea of putting a shell-mount cymbal mount on the kick, but that would put the ride a bit higher than I like it.

I also checked out the Classic and Pro lines, and it reaffirmed my impression that Ludwig has completely changed their game on hardware. These are competitive pieces of hardware in all three ranges. The Pro pedals felt especially smooth (although I also enjoyed the new Gibraltar G-Class).

I also found my next cymbal to go with the Standards -- the Sabian Bash Ride (I loved the 24", although Bo reminds me that I'll have to get another cymbal bag too if I do that).

Summer can't get here soon enough!

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