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Hansolo 03-26-2014 08:54 AM

Multi-effects pedals for DTX multipad
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Just sharing an update of my DTX Multi-12 setup mods, including some useful effects that add more variety to the kits. One of them allows the hihat pedal to trigger midi control change messages so that effects like chorus, flanger and others (mainly via the Kit4-1 Variation menu) can be easily switched as required - this is more useful with the percussion & melodic kits when a normal hi-hat isn't needed.
I've also setup the kits for 2 kick pedals connected to Inputs 14&15 (with a y-splitter) for pitch shift or other pattern functions in some kits - including a modified version of P128 (P/Bnd Ctr2) in U50(PTN) for a quiet switching transition (P128 also triggers whatever sound is assigned to midi note G2).

When Yamaha configured the DTX Multi-12 as a versatile percussion device, most of it's simulated acoustic drum kits were 'underdone', so I've been fine-tuning the kits to sound and play much better IMO, with my preferred pads layout (compare kits P50 & U01). Most of the Multi-12 Preset kits have been remixed for more convenient switching combinations of acoustic and electronic kits (in U101 to U150) and the Startup kit has been set to U129. A spare set of kits is included (in U01 to U23) so there are more than 100 spare User kits to store your own modified kits. I suggest also installing my revised trigger settings with the default U07 setup (Input gain=45) for good pad response when playing with sticks or hands.

U101:Vibraphone(P43)____U102:Marimba(P42)____U103: SteelGtr(*P47)____U104:DistGtr(*P41)____U105:Dulci mer(*P40)
U106:SteelPan(P44)____U107:Kalimba(*P11)____U108:B alafon(P45)____U109:Indy Melody(P31)____U110:Japan(P12)
U111:Taiko Drums(P35)____U112:Indian Drum(P32)____U113:Tabla Hand(P04)____U114:Bollywood(P33)____U115:Tabla Ensem(P34)
U116:India(P30)____U117:Arabic(P36)____U118:Africa (P37)____U119:Brazil(P29)____U120:Cuban Stick(P28)
U121:Conga Hand(P05)____U122:PercsMaster(P01)____U123:Ragga Guy(P25)____U124:Large&Metal(P46)____U125:Orchestr a(P39)
U126:Drum Core(P38)____U127:Cocktail(P50)____U128:Oak Custom(P09)____U129:HardRock(P10)____U130:Hipgig(P 49)
U131:E-Gate Kit(P16)____U132:80s Electro(P02)____U133:NuRezo Kit(P13)____U134:E-Trad Kit(P14)____U135:Dim RnB(P26)
U136:Electro Kit(P15)____U137:EleTomSet(P17)____U138:SynT&PSet( P20)____U139:Toycussion(P18)____U140:The Ambient(P19)
U141:Leftfield(P23)____U142:HouseClasic(P27)____U1 43:Sweet RnB(P03)____U144:FillsMaker(P07)____U145:TraxMaste r(P22)
U146:HandScrtch(P06)____U147:Vocal Drums(P48)____U148:TECH Keys(P24)____U149:UpliftTranc(P21)____U150:Movie FX(P08)

U155:ClassicDance____U156:Classic RX____U157:Drum’n’Bass____U158:HipHop____U159:Hous e

U161:Jazz Maple____U162:Oak X Kit____U163:Vintage____U164:Rock Kit

The extra Yamaha Electronic or Acoustic kits can be combined with the revised kits - I've added the kit setup data for each of them in User kits U155 to U164 (as shown in the kit list) and provided their ALLWAVE files in EL_WAVS.MTW (35MB) and AC_WAVS.MTW (62MB). The wave memory limitation of 64MB allows only one of these allwave files to be loaded - I prefer the Electronic kits file for the extra variety of sounds and they leave more space available to add your own wave samples. The kits that don't have their wave samples loaded are going to sound a bit strange as both wave sets use a similar number sequence. Just be aware that Yamaha only provide the .MTA files (as a download) which replace all your existing User kits, wave samples, patterns, trigger and utility settings.

My current Multi-12 files can be downloaded from Dropbox with this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bx1wtmiud6ww96c/2uNYI2kb1d
If you're not familiar with the file backup and installation process, just refer to the included 'how-to' info files.

I'm interested to get feedback about any unusual settings or suggestions to improve the Multi-12.

Hansolo 07-16-2014 08:58 AM

Re: Extra GM melodic kits for DTX multipad
Here's an update of my current Multi-12 kits setup, including 20 extra GM melodic kits (in U81 to U100) that provide more variety, especially when controlling a keyboard synth and mixing it's output into the Multi-12 Aux Input.
I've revised the pad voice tunings for a useful range of 'white key' notes. If you prefer the 'black key' notes just copy kit U102 and change the GM voices (refer to the Multi-12 Data list).

U081:GM105=Sitar ... U082:GM104=Sci-Fi ... U083:GM95=HaloPad ... U084:GM73=Piccolo ... U085:GM77=Bottle
U086:GM47=Harp ... U087:GM33=AcousBass ... U088:GM25=NylonGtr ... U089:GM09=Celesta ... U90: GM01=GrandPiano
U091:GM108=Koto ... U092:GM101=Brightness ... U093:GM97=RainPad ... U094:GM65=SopranoSax ... U095:GM84=ChiffLead
U096:GM46=Pizz.Str ... U097:GM37=SlapBass2 ... U098:GM28=CleanGtr ... U099:GM19=RockOrgan ... U100: GM03=Elec Grand

You can download all my current User kits here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bx1wtmiud6ww96c/2uNYI2kb1d

Hansolo 07-26-2014 06:41 AM

Re: Multi-effects pedals for DTX multipad
After setting up the Multi-12 to control effects with an FC7-type pedal, I've tweaked some of my User kits to vary the effects over a more useful range.
The extra pedal allows easy setting of your preferred Effects Send level, and so both feet can operate the standard hihat/kick or double kick pedal combinations as required.

The updated Multi-12 files are available from my previous link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bx1wtmiud6ww96c/2uNYI2kb1d

A similar setup using the Foot Switch jack should work on some of the other Yamaha DTX modules.

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