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2bsticks 03-25-2014 03:02 PM

Teflon Tape
Any of you use teflon tape on your tension rods to help prevent de-tuning? I only need it on one of my floor toms. I have used lug locks in the past and i'm not crazy about them. I know they also make tight screw with the plastic sleeve thing in the middle to grab and hold but my guess is the teflon tape is really the same idea as the tight screw? Also teflon tape is so cheap and you can clean it off the rods and remove it from the lug if you had to. Just curious.

KarlCrafton 03-25-2014 06:31 PM

Re: Teflon Tape
I had to use some on the strainer that is on my Supralite--the same strainer that NO ONE ELSE seems to ever have an issue with of course.

Seems to have done the trick, so I would imagine it will work for a tension rod too.

2bsticks 03-25-2014 08:13 PM

Re: Teflon Tape
Thanks Karl, worth a shot, don't think it will hurt anything either.

MrInsanePolack 03-25-2014 08:19 PM

Re: Teflon Tape
It works. I used Teflon tape for a while, but then switched to loc-tite. The Teflon tape got on my nerves whenever I had to change heads.

konaboy 03-26-2014 01:54 AM

Re: Teflon Tape
I wouldn't see why it wouldn't work. IF you decide to use loc tite (not sure I'd want to use it on my drums) make sure you use the blue and not the red otherwise changing heads will be more of a chore than you may like.

Bo Eder 03-26-2014 02:05 AM

Re: Teflon Tape
At some point, I would do an actual repair and replace the nut in the lug that takes the tension rod, or replace both. If it's only happening to one rod, then there's a problem with how it's machined since the rest of them work. Tension rods are cheap, and you may be able to get new tension rod nuts at www.drumfactorydirect.com

larryace 03-26-2014 04:22 AM

Re: Teflon Tape
Hmm, I never thought to use Tef tape as a de-tuning aid. Pretty clever idea.

While Loc-tite probably works good, I imagine it would affect the tuning key/rod feel. I prefer a smooth tuning rod experience so I can feel by turning how much tension is on the head.

I always thought someone should make a locking lug, but that would really drive up the cost of things.

Does anyone use a nut on their rod? (boy if that doesn't sound too off color...)

You know, screw a nut on your rod (OMG I can't stop!) then put the male end of the rod into the waiting female receiver, (I'm just going with it at this point) tune the drum, then tighten the nut down the rod to the lug to lock the tuning. You'd have to wrench it slightly. Maybe even use a 2nd for insurance. Still it's problematic for re-tuning. But it really should work on the problem lugs, like the one you rimshot right over. (Was any of this good for anyone????)

2bsticks 03-26-2014 02:14 PM

Re: Teflon Tape
I have replaced the tuning screws already with some Yamaha screws I had, also replaced the metal washers with nylon washers and the floor tom still de-tuned after playing Wipeout (I hate that f'n song) I will be trying out some Evans coated G2's this week and will apply the teflon tape at that point and see what happens.

As always thanks for the great feedback.

konaboy 03-26-2014 05:11 PM

Re: Teflon Tape
Might be worth just replacing the lug then if you've tried a new lug screw

2bsticks 04-05-2014 05:00 PM

Re: Teflon Tape
Just an update. I used some teflon tape on my floor tom and so far it's holding up very well. Just a strip around the bottom of the screw.

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