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sbowman128675 03-24-2014 05:45 AM

Recording Gear
Ok, I know this is not a question about drum gear....but I figure some people here have experience with this.

Basically put, I need a mic that will record amps, acoustic guitar, vocals, drums, and woodwind/brass instruments. Ive whittled it down to either the Sure SM57, or the Senheiser MK4.


ncc 03-24-2014 06:14 AM

Re: Recording Gear
The SM57 has been an affordable staple for recording live music for a long time for a lot of musicians. The MK4 is a side addressable mic that makes draping in on an amp a little easier. Note also that the MK4 is 3 times the cost of the Shure.

Both are excellent mics and I am sure you will not regret buying either.

You may want to tell people what your end goal is (i.e. is this the first one of many, are you just starting out, what your budget is, etc) and you will get some good advise.

Bo Eder 03-24-2014 07:09 AM

Re: Recording Gear
I'd look at the AKG 214. It's a side-address condenser, and as far as AKG mics go, the $399 price isn't too bad. You said vocals to drums, so I would go with this one. However, also look at the Studio Projects C1, another big side-address condenser built in China, but it's actually quite nice and sounds great, those can be had for $230 or so. Audio Technica makes a few low-end side-address condensers, starting with the AT2020 for $100, and they go up from there. Another lower-cost alternative, would be the CAD Trion Series. I had the Trion 800, which is a huge side-address tube microphone that sells for around $230 too - awesome sound even with the Chinese-made tube. The one I had I put a NOS RCA tube in it and the mic just lit up. All of these mics are tough enough to take on drums and guitar amps, and vocals. They basically just record a clean signal without mucking it up.

JimFiore 03-24-2014 02:28 PM

Re: Recording Gear
I've got a 214, nice mic. It's worth noting that it's essentially half of the venerable AKG 414, only one capsule so it's only cardioid vs multiple patterns. Can't go wrong with the 57, especially at the price. Another very good mic to consider is the Sennheiser MD421.

Bo Eder 03-24-2014 05:24 PM

Re: Recording Gear
But you know, actually any mic is improved when you use a really good pre-amp too. We plugged a SM57 into an Avalon tube mic pre and it was awesome.

shredfreak 03-28-2014 01:21 AM

Re: Recording Gear
You're going to have to live with that this will be something you'll need to build from the ground up.

I wouldn't look any further then the 57 to start off with. Might get 2 since then you'll have a good hi hat & snare mic. Also lets you learn fredman micing for guitar amps.

As for mic pre's the presonus studio channel can't be beaten in it's price range due to it's versatility with boosting guitar amp signals and recording bass guitar directly.

Since i'm assuming you're going to mix stuff aswell then do forget about drums right off the bat. It's simply not going to mix properly at all and you will be beat in terms of quaility hands down to every drumsoftware on the market.

It's better to invest in some quality drumprograms like superior & XLN addictive. You'll have some good sounds to sample replace drummers (especially kickdrum is a nightmare these days).

sbowman128675 04-01-2014 10:19 AM

Re: Recording Gear

I went with the MK4. What do you think of the sound? This is my Dad just trying it out.

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